Nurses a Boon to the ailing patients

Columbia Asia hospitals have created an environment that supports nursing practice and focuses on professional autonomy from decision making at the bedside, nursing involvement in determining the nursing work environment, professional education, career development and nursing leadership. The hospital values the contributions of nurses at all skill levels and encourages career advancement. The professional nursing ladder helps nurses grow and advance professionally while focusing on their clinical practice.

They work hard day in and day out by ensuring thepatient recovers to health as a caregiver, a nurse works hard as acaregiver by providing hands-on care to patients. They may be physical needs,which can range from total care (everything for the patient) or help a patientwith illness prevention. In times of illness, the patient requires someonewho not only understands their pains, but also should give them the attentionand care like a mother soothing them, the Nurse steps in here with utmost careand consideration.

Below are a few cases showcasing the sympatheticnature and unparalleled attention by Nurses saving lives.

Case 1

On 14th Of October, the emergency Roomof Columbia Asia Hospitals received a call from the 17th floorof Saleria apartments Bangalore, about an old lady who had an emergency andneeded to be rushed to the hospital. The team of Nurse from Columbia AsiaReferral Hospital Yeshwanthpur rushed in the ambulance to reach the patient.

Unfortunately, the lift was not working, therefore thenurse had to walk up the 17 floors to reach up to the patient.   Thepatient being old and overweight challenged this operation furthermore.Carrying the patient who was heavy, aged and unwell all the way down 17 floorswas a herculean task.

Kudos to the team of ER nurse ShintoThomas (ER Nurse), Lakshman (Nurse Aide), Pemmaiyah, Aswathappa (NurseAide), Satya Raju (Ambulance Driver), Nurse Aides and ambulance assistant wentand climbed up to 17th floor and brought the patient downsuccessfully with utmost care. 

 Case 2

On 4thMarch at   11.45 pm, a patient SUKHPAL SINGH was admitted toEmergency Room as a case of Road accident. He was injured badly and was almostunconscious due to the poor GCS (Glasgow ComaScale).

The patientwas working as a labourer at a shop and belonged to a very poor family. Theyhad almost no money to pay the hospital bills. The patient’s father startedcrying and requesting for help. Emergency Room Staff Nurse, Ms Karamjeet Kaurattending on the patient was moved seeing father’s plight & helplessnesswhose son was fighting for his life & helped him by depositing Rs10,000from her own account which helped patient’s companions clear the outstandingamount.

Theempathetic approach of Ms Karamjeet Kaur in thissituation is commendable. 

Case 3 

 An IT engineer, about 37 years of age working atManyata Tech park recently visited the clinic with a complaint of giddiness.Staff nurse Tinu, who checked the vital parameters found something amiss as thepatient was sweating profusely. She immediately advised him to take ECG, but herefused.  Realizing the seriousness of the situation, the nurse took theonus and went ahead with the ECG which revealed that the patient had a Myocardialinfarction.

she wasted no time and immediately informed theambulance, hurriedly made arrangements to shift him to hospital. Inspite of thefact that the nurse acted quickly, the moment the patient entered the ambulancehe had the cardiac arrest. In the Ambulance nurse Nithin was alone,however she didn’t panic and began giving him continuous CPR throughoutthe way from the clinic to the hospital.

The patient was revived in the hospital and taken tothe cath lab for Percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty (PTCA).He was in the ICU on ventilator support, tracheostomy done and shifted tothe ward after a week. He was later discharged on 28th Feb 18.

The critical thinking of the nurses saved the life ofa young IT tech. 

To conclude 

Nurses care so much for patients, their presence 24/7has transformed lives. Nursing is an honorable profession,and nurses are the heart and soul of the healthcare system.A saluteto the nurses who play an important role in themedical community.

By - Col Binu Sharma, Senior Vice President-Nursing Services 

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