Nutanix Introduces Database Services with Era

New Orleans – May 16, 2018 – NutanixⓇ (NASDAQ: NTNX), a leader in enterprise cloud computing, today announced at its .NEXT Conference 2018 Nutanix Era, a new set of enterprise cloud platform-as-a-service (PaaS) offerings to streamline and automate database operations so database administrators (DBAs) can focus on business-driving initiatives. Era extends the Nutanix Enterprise Cloud OS software stack beyond core infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) capabilities for private cloud environments to platform-layer services that bring Nutanix one-click simplicity to database operations. The initial release of Nutanix Era will provide rich copy data management services to address the increasing complexity and burdensome cost of managing multiple copies of databases across organizations.

With Era, Nutanix is targeting one of the mostprodigious consumers of enterprise storage capacity. According to IDC, as muchas 60 percent of the IT storage budget goes to support copy data, and the totalcost for copy data will reach $55.63 billion in 2020.#m_5650885172314790030__ftn1" title="">[1] Nutanix Erawill allow enterprises to reduce storage costs, simplify the management,control and security of data, while easing the complexity of database lifecycleoperations. 

Nutanix Era’s copy data management service willinitially support Oracle and Postgres  database engines, with plannedsupport for other popular databases. Building on Nutanix’s popular and highlyefficient snapshot technology, Era will also incorporate new time-machinecapabilities, along with application-specific APIs, for creating point-in-timedatabase copies. This enables application developers to quickly select theexact database copy they need, and empowers database administrators to quicklyrestore or refresh any database instance with the confidence that everyrecorded transaction is captured. Era will later extend this powerfultechnology to include full database provisioning, delivering a completelifecycle management solution for all databases in an organization. 

Key capabilities of Nutanix Era will include:

  • One-click time machine — leveraging integrated Nutanix snapshot technology, Era creates space-efficient database snapshots to lower CapEx costs, and enable databases running on Nutanix to be cloned or recovered to any specific point in time - up to the last recorded transaction
  • One-click clone/refresh — Nutanix Era lowers OpEx costs with one-click clone/restore database operations that include all targeted database transactions and take just minutes to complete. Automating database cloning eliminates the complex and time-consuming process of locating a specific snapshot, finding the right database logs and then initiating a database recovery operation. 

“Nutanix Era should save our organization time andmoney by replacing our complex and costly copy data processes, which areimpacting IT productivity and slowing down our app developers,” said MarkMaplethorpe, EMEA Hosting Manager, Bottomline Technologies. “We are activelyworking with Nutanix to validate that Era will streamline the provisioning andlifecycle management of our databases, allowing our teams to devote more timeto strategic IT projects.” 


Nutanix Era is currently being tested by selectedcustomers, and is planned to be available in the second half of 2018. Pricingdetails will be made available closer to the general release. 

For more information on Nutanix Era, visit theNutanix website orread more at the Nutanix blog.

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