Olive Planet, Partners with Rothco, the World’s Foremost Supplier of Military and Tactical Gear

Bengaluru, January 23rd, 2018: Military and outdoor gear giant, Rothco, has partnered with Olive Planet, an Indian military and outdoor gear brand to cater to the needs of the Indian market. The partnership is expected to expand the portfolio of Olive Planet by introducing new gadgets, gears and clothing materials into the country.

Olive Planetis a unique military wear brand that offers premium quality military wear whichis designed to be used for both military and non-military personnel. Ever sinceits start in 2009 by army veterans, Capt. Chethan Y K and Maj. Niranth Bymana,Olive Planet has been the go-to brand for people to get the army look. 

Speaking onthe association, Capt. Niranth Bymanasaid.  “We are very excited tobe partnering with such a giant player in this space. This brings us one stepcloser to being a world leader in in the military and tactical gear market.With this partnership we will be able to add more options to our range oftactical, military gear; make prices more affordable for the Indian marketalmost at par with the global levels; and introduce more options along thelines of clothes, designs and other production aspects.”Established in 1953, Rothco, a division of Morris Rothenberg & Son Inc is awide spread business with over 10,000 dealers globally. Originally rooted inauthentic military apparel and gear, they also serve the tactical, publicsafety, outdoor & camping, government suppliers, uniform & workwear,gift & hobbies markets. “India has great potential for us. The comfort andquality of the gear speaks for itself; Olive Planet is among the best Indianbrands in this market. Partnering with them gives us greater access to theIndian market and lets us introduce and sell new products and gear which iscustomized for the country in addition to the products which we sell globally.”said John Ottaviano, Director of Sales & Marketing for Rothco.

The IndianMilitary and Tactical gear market is a niche domain.  Olive Planet,with their clean, no-nonsense practice of selling across marketplaces,hastranscended the clothing line to become a lifestyle brand.“Being a nascentmarket, our customers are individual armed forces personnel, units from thearmed forces and individuals who like this type of gear. Trekkers, wildlife photographersand bikers are our customers from the civilian side.” adds Maj. Niranth.

The ArmyVeterans provide a seal of assurance and add credibility to the brand whichspecializes in military and tactical gear including jackets, boots, campinggear, foldable bed, multi-utility knives, soft toys etc. What makes OlivePlanet stand out from the rest of the market competitors is their productdevelopment philosophy of letting the consumer choose how they wish to use aproduct in their respective outdoor environments.The partnership with Rothco,along with the already established relationship with e-commerce giants Amazonand eBay, will go a long way in boosting the brand over the coming years.The Olive Planet commitment to quality, the credibility of the owners and theusefulness of the product is guaranteed to keep them relevant and safe fromother entrants into this niche market in the near future.

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