OMRON, Indian Medical Association and Heart Care Foundation of India

New Delhi, January 11, 2018: Moving ahead with its vision “Healthcare @ Home”, OMRON Healthcare India, the leader in digital BP monitoring segment, has joined hands with Indian Medical Association (IMA) and Heart Care Foundation of India (HCFI) to create awareness among the masses and healthcare professions about the need for regular monitoring of blood pressure at home.

According tovarious studies, one-third of India’s population suffers from Hypertension andmore than 60 % of them are still unaware of it.“Indicated as one of thekey lifestyle diseases, it is well evident that Hypertension leads tolife-threatening cardio-vascular disorders if not treated well. Despite thewhopping numbers, very few Hypertensive patients use BP monitors for regularmonitoring at home which is a grim and scary picture. OMRON aims to contributeto the challenge by partnering with the right stakeholders who are looked uponas trustworthy associates by the masses as well as medical practitioners topropagate the importance of blood pressure monitoring as a key part of theoverall management of the malady” says Kazunori Tokura, Managing Director,OMRON Healthcare India 

Theinitiative has already started working in this regard by rolling-out many jointactivities pan India such as organising health camps providing a platform forholding dialogues with the medical fraternity, on the myths prevailing aroundhome BP monitoring, and free check-ups; disseminating mass communication on theimportance of managing blood pressure as one of key vitals for almost allnon-communicable diseases and substantiating the utility and efficacy ofdigital home BP monitors, etc. 

Givingmore insights, Dr. Ravi Wankhedkar, National President, IMA and Dr KKAggarwal, President, Heart Care Foundation of Indiareiterated that Hypertensionis one of the most significant silent killer amongst Indians. “The associationwith OMRON is another significant step which IMA and HCFI have taken asthe only representative voluntary organizations of Doctors of Modern ScientificSystem of Medicine to contribute towards the well-being of the community bypromoting the utility of advanced medical and allied sciences/ technologies.” 

Expected torise at the rate of 20-40%, the number of hypertensive people is expected to touch214 million by 2030 or so. Another red flag is that this number comprises ofonly the detected patients; however there is huge number of subjects which goundetected. Studies conducted globally and in India also convey that home bloodpressure monitoring has helped reduce the risk of heart attack and stroke, infact monitoring at home is just as accurate as in the doctor’s clinic. 

IMA &HCFI suggest that blood pressure taken at home gives a more reliablerepresentation of the blood pressure over time. By monitoring blood pressure,heart rate and heart rhythm at home regularly, in conjunction with regulardoctor visits, one can consistently get an accurate picture of heart’s health.

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