On Account of ‘World Diabetes Day’, Manipal Hospitals Launches Blue Messenger

Bangalore, November 16, 2017: In a bid to educate and create awareness about diabetes, Blue Messenger and 7 S campaign was unveiled at Manipal Hospitals today. The campaign was flagged off by Ms. Amulya, noted Kannada Cine star in the presence of Dr. H. Sudarshan Ballal - Chairman, Manipal Hospitals and Dr Karthik Prabhakar , Consultant & HOD Diabetes & Endocrinology. The theme of the year, ‘Women and Diabetes’ was advocated in the campaign and aimed at spreading awareness on the 7 “S” that women who also help her family members to avoid are Sweet, salt ; intake must be limited, one must fight stress, lead an active life to avoid sedentary lifestyle, fend off stress and complete abstinence from smoking and alcohol. Diabetes is preventable by adopting healthy lifestyle early in life.

Severalactivities were planned as a part of the campaign. Employees were encouraged totake stairs and avoid junk food.  The hospital was lit blue (colour ofdiabetes) in order to express solidarity for the cause. Blue Test – BMI / BP/RBS /Consultations were provided free of cost.

Speakingon the occasion Ms. Amulya, Noted Kannada Star said, “In recent times, as women aretrying to find an equilibrium between their professional lives and household,they tend to ignore their health. This is a great initiative by ManipalHospitals to make women aware about this life threatening disease. It’simportant to take preventive measures to curtail the risk. Eating healthy andregular exercising are key to healthy life and I sincerely hope that womenfollow this religiously.”

Speakingon the occasion Dr. Sudarshan Ballal, Chairman Manipal Hospitals said, “It is estimated that thenumber of diabetes patients in the country is likely to go up to 120 million innext 20 years as against the current 70 million.  Good control of diabetessignificantly reduces the risk of developing more complications. Though geneticfactors cannot be overruled but sedentary lifestyle, lack of exercise, smoking,alcohol and intake of junk food are the major culprits of type 2 diabetes.Today we must pledge to lead a healthier life and adopt preventive measuresthan curative.”

DrKarthik Prabhakar, Consultant & HOD Diabetes & Endocrinology said, “Generally, women live longerthan men because they have a lower risk of heart disease. But when womendevelop diabetes, their risk for heart disease skyrockets and deathby heart failure is more likely for them.”

In parallel,with the increase in diabetes, there seems to be an increasing prevalence ofgestational DM (GDM) that is diabetes diagnosed during pregnancy. GDM notonly influences immediate maternal and neonatal outcomes but also increases therisk of future Type 2 diabetes in mother as well as the baby. The dangeris unique because the disease can affect both mothers and their unborn child.Junk and starchy food can spike blood sugar levels and cause complications in diabetes,it’s always best to eat protein rich food with essential vitamins and minerals.

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