On Children’s Day, Ola sparks the desire to learn science amongst 250 driver partners’ children

Bengaluru, November 13, 2017: Ola, India’s most popular mobile app for transportation, on the occasion of Children’s Day, organized a science trip for 250 of its driver partners’ kids to visit Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium in Bengaluru. These kids, aged between 12 - 16, were first time visitors to the planetarium and had a fantastic learning experience. Vishnu Vardhan Bommareddy, City Head, Bangalore, Ola said, “There is a pressing need to develop a pedagogy where learning is based on experimentation and students are encouraged to build technology-enabled solutions. This in turn helps to inculcate a problem-solving approach in young minds which is critical for innovation and development. It was really amazing to see the curiosity and passion for learning science in these kids. As one of India’s most innovative technology companies, we are happy to organize this programme. It was a great opportunity for them to experience the beauty of science outside of their regular curriculum.”

After this excitingtrip, the kids also enthusiastically participated in a workshop at the ScienceCentre inside the planetarium. The special workshop was led by theplanetarium's senior lecturer, Mr. Madhusudhan, HR, who explained to thechildren the fundamental principles behind natural astronomicalphenomena.  Expressing excitement,Vijitha, a 13-year old girl participant said, “This was the firsttime I visited the planetarium and I am very happy to see and understand moreabout planets, sun and stars. I am thankful to Ola for giving me thisopportunity.”Ola has also organized various engagement programmes for itsdriver partners and their families in the past such as Ola Partner League thatalso involved providing cricket training scholarships for children, OlaLakhpati, and various other training and skilling programmes.  

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