OnePlus Launches JCC-Designed Exclusive “Callection” Accessories in India

Mumbai, 03 October: Following the recent collaboration between OnePlus and celebrated French fashion and art designer, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac, the exclusive line of products titled, “Callection”, co-created with JCC, was launched in India. Users can now pick and choose from an array of selective accessories which are available for purchase online or through referral points on This limited-edition range aptly named ‘Callection’, features a host of varied designs and products showcasing Jean-Charles’ signature colour palette – Yellow, Red and Blue, with the added ‘Black’, signifying the collaboration between the two brands.

“I would describe thiscollection by one word “Beau-tech”: beauty and technology. My wish was tointroduce poetry, art and fashion into the highest technology machine, theOnePlus 5, and create necessary designs for every day. India is the land ofcolours and I have tried to imbibe the vibrant culture of the region in myhand-crafted designs in Callection”.Fashion and art designer Jean-Charlesde Castelbajac commented.

Deftly stringing together,the worlds of technology and fashion, Callection consists of desirable designsfor everyday focusing on functionality. The products include:

1. OnePlus JCC NeverSettle T-shirt-the brand’s signature Never Settle shirt, featuring Castelbajac'swhimsical take on Oneplus’ iconic motto, available at INR 1999

2. OnePlus JCC CallectionT-shirt-limitededition shirt which celebrates the meeting of rebellious minds consisting ofcolourful hand drawn designs by Castelbajac, available at INR 1999

3. OnePlus JCC Tote Bag-a dual-layered totecombining beautiful eggshell white cloth with a vibrant graphic, hand-designedby Castelbajac, available at INR 1599

4. Baseball Cap-Castelbajac upgrades thisseason's streetwear staple with a colorful embroidered Never Settle logo andhis famous imaginative flourishes, available at INR 2499

Known among his peers asthe “King of Unconventional”, Jean-Charles de Castelbajac challenges theconventions of design, just as OnePlus challenges the conventions of thesmartphone industry. The exclusive "Callection", made up of bags, caps, t-shirts, and a limited-edition OnePlus 5design, is reflective of Castelbajac’s signature, chromatic style. Hiscreations have always carried values about humanity, decency, ecology and mostof all democracy. The designer likes to inject playful childhood themes in hiscreations. His trademark choice of colours also have a meaning attached tothem-yellow is for the sun and its warmth, red denotes passion and love, andblue stands for spirituality. When brought together they form the universe.

About OnePlus

OnePlus is a global mobiletechnology company challenging conventional concepts of technology. Createdaround the “Never Settle” mantra, OnePlus creates exquisitely designed deviceswith premium build quality and high-performance hardware. OnePlus thrives oncultivating strong bonds and growing together with its community of users andfans. For more information, please visit

About Jean-Charles deCastelbajac  

Jean-Charles deCastelbajac is a visionary creator who has been breaking down barriers betweenart and fashion since the 1980s.  His innate ability to use images inclever ways has led him to creating contemporary art of his own. Integratingthese dual identities into his clothing lines, Castelbajac is known in hiscircles as an unclassifiable and innovative creator.   

Hisnumerous collaborations with other artists such as Robert Mapplethorpe, RobertMalaval, Keith Haring, Ben and most recently Lek&Sowat have solidified hisdesire to build bridges across disciplines. Jean-Charles de Castelbajacexpresses himself through many mediums: fashion, drawing, painting,performance, scenography and street-art chalk. You can explore the breadth ofhis creations at

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