OPPO Launches Entry level A83 with AI Beauty and Full Screen Display

Bengaluru , 17th January 2018 —OPPO the Selfie Expert and Leader today unveiled its latest entry-level camera phone – The OPPO A83. The A83 is equipped with a full screen display, a feature rarely seen in products of this price range. Together with OPPO’s A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology, A83 brings a more realistic and natural selfie experience to more young consumers, along with the 4GB RAM and 3180 mAh battery as a whole makes the A83 a versatile product all at a price of Rs. 13,990The OPPO A83 will be available in two color variants: Black and Gold, which will go on sale on Amazon and Flipkart from 20th January 2018 and our offline stores.

“Ourfocus has always been on bringing best photography and Selfie experience to theIndian consumers. We have received an immense response for our Selfie Expert ASeries and F Series. With the A83 we wish to bring an affordable selfie camerawith advance features such as the HD + Full Screen Display and AI BeautyTechnology. The A83 truly represents our ambition to continue being the SelfieExpert and Leader in the market" said Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO India

Createyour own exclusive selfies with A.I. smart beauty.

The F-seriesand A-series products from OPPO, particularly the integrated beauty function,have proved to be especially popular among the young and trendy. By capturinghearts, OPPO has become the "Selfie Expert" for India’s young consumers.As the Selfie Expert series gained popularity among the consumers, OPPO alsouncovered a major customer pain point: "photos that are not thatrealistic". When a guy takes a selfie of himself, he often finds that theperson in the photo looks like anybody but himself; either the face contour isnot distinct, or his masculine stubble missing. For girls, they realize thateveryone looks similar, lacking unique and distinct individual charm. Manypeople but especially young people, have this desire to express their ownpersonalities in their photos. 

OPPO A83 isthe new generation selfie expert. It comes with an 8 MP front lens + 13 MP rearlens, and uses the A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology that effortlessly helpsyou be at your best in photos. Everybody wants the world to appreciate them asunique and Artificial intelligence (A.I.) is the technology that will satisfythis desire. It can intelligently recognize and bring out your best featuresand yet retain that distinctive charm that defines every individual. As itpreserves more contour details, adding that little extra touch that makes yourselfies incredibly stunning. This solution is a perfect fit for anyone whowants to be unique, independent and trendy.

In simpleterms, the A.I. Beauty Recognition Technology is like a thinking photographerrather than a rigid software program. OPPO's A.I. Beauty Recognition Technologyemploys a cloud database from premium suppliers that have sufficient power tosupport diversified facial recognition in smart terminals. Like a photographerwho has accumulated many years of experience in photography, knows the best wayto shoot a portrait. The AI can learn automatically once it has amassed enoughimaging data. It can classify, recognize and beautify the portrait in threeaspects: skin color and texture, gender, and age. Like a photographer who canassess different models, it knows how to make models with different skin colorslook their best. Furthermore, the AI captures more than 200 facial points whena photo is taken, and this allows it to refine features and compose the facecontour with precision; making a face appear three-dimensional as if thephotographer has shot from different angles and capture a 3D image of the face.Finally, the AI will intelligently optimize the scene to cleverly integrate theportrait and background as if the photo has been touched up by a professional.So how does the intelligent Beauty Recognition Technology optimize in differentscenarios?

For shotswith moving subjects, issues such as structural and face deformation oftenoccur. With more than 200 focus points, facial structure is captured clearlyand ensures that the face contour is always intact regardless of the situation.And just like an experienced photographer or makeup artist professional, theA.I. Beauty Recognition Technology constantly updates its library andalgorithms.

Flagshipfull screen, facial recognition feature, and fashionable look

A83 measures5.7 inches, but the size of the screen is now 5 inches with the bezel ratio ofthe device being supremely narrow at 18:9, a major improvement over pastmodels. Whether you are looking at a picture, video or playing a game, thisoffers an incredibly wide visual experience. Currently, full screenconfiguration is only deployed in flagship models for most brands. With thefull screen of A83, anyone can now experience just how awesome this latesttechnology is. To complement the display effects of the full screen, the A83resolution is as high as 1440 X 720, making every photo clearer and brighterfor an improved photo experience.

A83 is alsoequipped with face unlock. Just align the phone with your face to unlock thephone quickly. You no longer have to worry about aligning your finger or wethands anymore. All it takes to unlock the phone is to look at it, making iteasy for the elderly and children too. This is the convenience of advancedtechnology that OPPO brings to all consumers.

The look ofthe A83 is inspired by UFOs (UFO Curve Design Philosophy). The streamlineddesign of the flying saucer is incorporated for a more solid edge, with subtleyet sturdy arcs that make the phone look more dynamic. Its homogeneous look,along with its pearlescent and sparkling finish is a perfect blend oftechnology and fashion. This plus the full screen configuration of the mobilephone makes A83 an extremely cool and elegant device with a premium feel thatappeals to the sense of aesthetics of young people.

Fluidoperations with more ergonomic handling experience

OPPO A83 istailored for outstanding performance and to where it matters most for youngconsumers. The super-large 4GB operating memory allows young people to enjoytheir favorite games while three independent card slots (Double Nano-SIM cardswith the TF slot) enable users to have 2 mobile numbers for phone calls, andalso to extend the phone memory to 256GB. The new Color OS 3.2 operating systemand O-share for file-sharing can transmit 6 to 7 ordinary photos in just asecond (*OPPO test data, may vary with different environments).

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