OPPO unveils new design brand showroom in Bengaluru, India

Bengaluru 29th November 2017: OPPO, the Selfie Expert & Leader announced the grand opening of its new design brand showroom in Bengaluru, Churchstreet. The new OPPO product showroom has been designed by Sim&Maxon, the China, Beijing-based interior design firm that has combined brand strategy with cutting-edge design to create a unique experience for fans and consumers.

Commentingon the occasion, Mr. Will Yang, Brand Director, OPPO India said, “Weare very excited to announce the opening of our new design brand showroom inBengaluru. Our unique showroom has been designed in a futuristic style and weare positive that it will be appreciated by fans and consumers who come tovisit. We will be looking to open many more such design showrooms across Indiain the coming time” 

The newdesign brand showroom is split into three different zones that each offerdifferent buying journeys. The product&brand show area is placed at thevery entrance to the store, to draw people in and really show theirtechnological expertise. The brand experience and interaction space is placedat the second floor, customers can have brand experience, phone test,membership service, cricket game experience, music experience etc. in thisarea. The Post-Sales area is located at the third floor, ensuring that thecustomer feels comfortable and well-looked after. 

“Thecustomer experience was the central focus of our design, we wanted to createthe right blend of engagement and relatable content with just the right amountof brand messaging. Our design concept is based on the consumer’s desire toexperience the products and the design atmosphere supports the buying decisionswhich based on innovation, product, functionality versus price”said Andrew Pih, Managing Director& Partner of Sim & Maxon.

 “Simplified to beauty, wholeheartedto service as a slogan of this showroom, we want this new design brand showroomto convey the wow factor of what our technology can do, it’s a place where ourcustomers can experience the wonderful technology that is available to themtoday, along with a glimpse at what’s to come in the future.” said Michael Guo, Retail Manager ofOPPO India. 

The newshowroom highlights OPPO’s product line by using streamline architecturaldetails, clean surfaces and an accent of futuristic style. The use of largeareas of aluminium panel on the walls invites the consumer to explore the storeand discover the whole range of mobile solutions. The merchandising and digitaltechnology on display invite the customer to explore, test and compare theproducts on offer. The tone of voice and general atmosphere are simple,straightforward, and positive, making it an intuitive. The big screen is placedso that is visible to attract an attention of people in the pedestrian streetoutside the store. At the same time, consumers can engage with and learn aboutthe technology behind key products through this screen and that is presentthroughout the showroom. The brand also gave away gift boxes worth Rs 899 tocustomers who got 150 plus likes on social media for posts about the OPPOshowroom on the day of the launch. 

OPPOrecently launched its FHD+ full screen display model in India, featuring theground-breaking A.I. Beauty technology on 9th November. TheOPPO F5 comes installed with a 20MP front camera with an ultra-sensitiveF2.0 aperture and 1/2.8” sensor. Both features allow the camera to gain moreinformation to produce better images with less noise in low light conditions.The front-camera portrait mode also applies a Bokeh effect to the background,creating better gradation and making you the focus of the selfie shot, everytime.And for the rear camera, the 16MP rear camera is excellent for all day andnight shots. Along with the F1.8 aperture in the back camera also performsbrilliantly for brighter and more precise shots in darker settings. 

After thesuccessful launch of OPPO F5(Gold and Black Edition), the company will launchtwo other models, the F5 6GB edition INR 24,990 (Red and Black Edition) and theF5 Youth (Black and Gold Edition) to give OPPO fans and the youth more choicesto suit their needs. These two variants will be available in December.

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