Oracle Awarded a Grant in Technology Education to Child Rights and You

Bangalore, May 30, 2018: Child Rights and You (CRY) a leading Indian non-profit working for child rights, announced it has received a grant from Oracle, a global leader in cloud applications and platform services. The $100,000 grant aims to harness the power of state-of-the-art digital technology in reaching out to underprivileged children of India.

This systemwill potentially improve lives spanning across 19 states of India and covers2060 villages, 2 lakh households and 4.13 lakh children which happens to be thepremise of CRY’s intervention. With Oracle’s support, CRY has set forthdeveloping a software system that not only captures the ongoing groundwork inreal time, but also opens up opportunities in sharpening its performance on aregular basis. With Oracle’s support, CRY has implemented the MEAL system(Monitoring Evaluation Accountability and Learning), which has helped CRYmanage its database, enabling MEAL to have a presence in 19 states of India. 

Oracle’ssupport has enabled CRY to tap into the specific problems linked with eachchild under any given thematic, be it education, health and nutrition,protection and participation. MEAL providesCRY with a comprehensive system that tracks changes in growth and developmentof every last child in the remotest village, making the results accurate andtending toward evidence-based analysis and advocacy. 

The outcomeof the project will be on the lines of creating efficiency to capture andcommunicate evidence while increasing accountability and effectiveness instudying and analyzing the interventions made in the project areas. 

“Thetechnology upgrade will enable our grass-root level workers to identify, manageand track every child and household with far greater accuracy in ourintervention areas.” said, Suma Ravi, Regional Director, CRY-Child Rights andYou. 

“We arepleased to support Child Rights and You (CRY) in a shared mission to improvethe world around us,” said Rajendra Tripathi, Senior Manager, Oracle CorporateCitizenship – India.

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