Orion Mall makes a difference on World No Tobacco Day

Bangalore, June , Orion Mall invited celebrated 3D artist and social activist Baadal Nanjundaswamy to create a life sized art installation at the mall to draw attention to the insidious damage caused by tobacco usage. The special installation was done to observe World No Tobacco Day. It was a real treat for visitors to see this talented artist go about creating an installation that showcased the irreparable effects of tobacco. Most Bangaloreans know Baadal as the artist who has done much to encourage local authorities to fix potholes and poorly maintained public infrastructure that pose a threat to citizens. In the past, his disruptive art pieces, like placing a plastic crocodile on potholes, or 3D art around open manholes and pothole riddled roads has helped bring quick attention through viral social media posts, which has urged civic authorities to respond when the voices of hapless citizens go unheard.

To mark the day and engage people, Orion Mall collaborated with health officials and medical students by offering a space within the mall where tobacco users did a free health screening to check for risk factors. Visitors could also look up a digital screen and read about risk factors such as chronic respiratory diseases, cancer and the many other conditions that plague tobacco users through prolonged usage. They were also counselled by the enthusiastic health workers. Overall the campaign served as a call to action for tobacco cessation. 

A passionate and energetic team of young medico students led a flash mob performance taking many by surprise. The mall came to a virtual standstill with this spunky performance: an innovative means to inform and drive awareness about the cause of tobacco cessation through an entertaining route. The Orion Mall team is proud to be part of this noble cause by leveraging its space for the betterment of society. 

"We are pleased to play a small role in helping inspire members of our community on their path to good health by eschewing tobacco.  Art is something that everyone engages with and a great platform to communicate the message. We hope that the awareness drive and screening makes a difference to the overall quality of life of our community." Sunil Munshi, Sr. GM Orion Mall, stated.

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