Orkla strengthens its presence in India with a foray into the Indian confectionary category

Bangalore, 22nd August, 2017: Orkla Group, the Norwegian leader in branded consumer goods and parent company of MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd., today announced the company’s foray into the Indian confectionary category with the launch of Laban – a specially crafted human-shaped, non-sticky, 100% vegetarian, fruit flavoured chew. The brand’s entry also marks the first product from the company’s portfolio in the confectionary category.

Laban – Norway’s number 1 confectionary brand from Orkla, will bemanufactured and distributed by MTR Foods Pvt. Ltd. in India. Extensiveresearch was undertaken to arrive at a formulation that would not only suit thediscerning Indian consumer preferences but also retain the brand attributesi.e. the stretchy, chewy quality of Laban and its unique human shape. Theproduct proposition has been localized to make it a 100% vegetarianconfectionary with a range of popular Indian flavors such as Strawberry, Mango,Green Mango and Orange.

Speakingon the occasion, Peter Ruzicka, CEO, Orkla ASA, said, “TheIndian confectionary market is seeing huge potential that Orkla would like totap into. The current estimates show that the industry is close to INR 8200crores with a YoY growth at 7%. The tremendous growth that we arewitnessing in the category along with the other economic indicators of thecountry has given us the confidence to launch Laban in India.”

 Atle Vidar-Nagel Johanssen, CEO, Orkla Foods said, “With thelocalization of Laban based on the preferences of Indian consumers, this willbe the first product to come from the Orkla portfolio in the confectionarycategory in India. We are confident that Laban will prove to be a growth-driverfor Orkla in the Indian market.”

Best-in-classproduction equipment from various countries such as Germany, Britain and Koreahave been brought together to put up a state-of-the-art production line at MTRFoods’ Bengaluru manufacturing facility with a total investment of Rs. 40crores. Besides the manufacturing facility, MTR Foods’ robust supply chain anddistribution network across India will be leveraged to ensure wider reach ofthe brand. The packaging of the product has also been redesigned in order toappeal to the Indian consumers.

Sharinghis perspective on the unique aspects of Laban, Sanjay Sharma, CEO, MTRFoods Pvt. Ltd. said, “We have invested close to INR 40 croreson this project to ensure that we get everything right – from getting the bestmanufacturing equipment from across the world to procuring the qualityingredients from across the world. With its unique human shape, popular Indianflavors and stretchy property along with a product concept of promotingchildlike joy, Laban is clearly differentiated from any other confectionary inthe industry. With an India wide launch and MTR’s sales and marketing bandwidthbehind this product, we are confident about the success of Laban. 

 Labanwill be launched with a hi-decibel campaign and will be available at allgeneral and modern trade outlets across India priced at Rs. 10 for the 26 gmspack and Rs 30 for the 65 gms pack.

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