Oxford Book Store & Petals Publishers

New Delhi, 26th of November 2017: An evening was hosted by Oxford book store and Petals publishers to celebrate the book launch THE LOST DAUGHTER By Author Anchal Rana Aggarwal. The evening moderated by Meeta Mishra saw esteemed guests and panellists such as Golfer and Social Activist Neelam Pratap Rudy, Padmashri Kathak Guru Shovana Narayanengrossed in a discussion on Women Safety.Among the other guests present at the event were Entrepreneur Charu Singh Chaudhary, Sheffali Thakur, Entrepreneur Sonal Jindal, AuthorVinayak Kapoor to name a few. Author Anchal Rana Aggarwal said “A story which will make you discover the strength of a person when fate gives a blow. A story which will keep you clenched with it's journey. A story about relationships, love, failures, miracles and success. A story which will make you believe in YOU as quoted in the last line that HOPE NEVER LET'S YOU DIE."

About The Lost Daughter

Finding herself atsome deserted isolated land Anika is not able to comprehend that how she landedhere. Her mother ACP Inayat Bakshi faces the worst nightmare of her life when shediscovers that not only her daughter has been raped but she has also lost hermemory and fails to recognize her.


While Anika tries toembrace the given identity, she is yet not able to understand if everything isfor real. ACP faces the toughest case of her life where there is no lead andtries to break the ice with whatever power she has. Anika discovers about the lifeshe has been living before her memory loss from a diary journal she fetchesfrom her cupboard.


Truth divulges to bea real shock. Meanwhile, Anika builds courage to move forward in life anddiscover love but is the love real? ACP Inayat too has kept some secrets of herlife from her daughter.


Will Anika accepther mother even after discovering the truth? Will they both be able to buildthat solid bond of reconciliation? Will there be justice? Will destiny be goodto them? Will they be able to fight and break the society norms? 

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