September 02, 2017: Year after year The Columban Open Quiz has rolled out questions which have raked the brains of students participating in the quiz. Oxford University Press organized the par-excellence yet grueling quiz in New Delhi on the September 02, 2017. The venue of the quiz was St. Columba’s School, New Delhi.

 Thetwo-day mega event witnessed over 182 teams’ participation in the quiz. All the44 schools present there had the best minds working on the questionnaire tryingto make their way to the top; post the taxing and testing prelims, quarters,and semifinals. The prelims and the quarters were conducted by alumni from St.Columba’s School the team size was of 4 students per team competing with otherschools present at the venue. 

Quizmaster,Architect, Author and the brain behind the questionnaire of Kaun BanegaCrorepati, Kunal Savarkar along with Abhishek Kapoor, and Ravtej Singh hadhosted the final quiz and had gripped the audience and students alike withquestions that got the teams thinking hard about possible answers.

 DPSNOIDA School gave a tough time to rest of the teams present to emerge as awinner. The second place was secured by Modern School Barakhamba Road. StColumba’s School stood apart from the rest at the third position. All the 10teams who qualified to the finals have got 3 dictionaries (Little oxforddictionary, Oxford Essential dictionary and Oxford student learner dictionaryfrom OUP.

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