Hyderabad 04 October, 2018: 67 year old Bangladeshi patient was referred by an past patient to Hyderabad. She was suffering from recurrent severe abdominal pain and fever attacks since 5 years She has a rare condition called recurrent pyogenic cholangitis in which the liver develops multiple blocks leading to stone formation and infection.

The standard treatment is liver transplantation replacing the entire liver. However due to an unusual combination of factors the pace team led by Dr Phani Krishna Ravula (MS, MCh). performed a difficult operation during which left half of the liver is removed and the blocks on right side are corrected so as to give her a permanent cure. Surgery took 4 hours with a specialised equipment called water jet dissector.

Dr Phani Krishna said that recurrent pyogenic cholangitis is a frequent problem in eastern India , if left untreated it can lead to liver stones and infection causing liver cirrhosis and also liver cancer. Due to the favorable anatomy we could do execute a successful Operation without any complication. We expect her to have an excellent long term outcome. She was referred by an old patient for whom we did a liver cancer surgery. It highlights how Hyderabad is becoming a hub for Tertiary medical care in South Asia.

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