PACE’s ‘#RecycleMe Pledge Week’ kicks off conversation on the Life of PET Bottles after Recycli

CHENNAI, 30 November 2017: PACE (PET Packaging Association for Clean Environment) has kicked-off a #RecycleMePledge Week to raise awareness on what happens to PET bottles after recycling and thereby underlining the importance of recycling of PET Bottles. With the hashtag - #RecycleMe, the social media campaign is an industry-society movement where citizens take a pledge towards adopting a habit of ‘Recycling’ in their day to day life. The campaign also encourages citizens to adopt a behavioral change against littering for a Swachh Bharat.

The campaignis aimed at building awareness for facts around how PET is a 100% recyclablepackaging material and its numerous usage in everyday life after it isrecycled. The campaign also talks about the value it creates for Ragpickers andKabadiwallahs by fetching them good money because of demand of fibre made fromrecycled PET.

Over thelast few days, the campaign has generated around 2 lakh impressions. Themovement has witnessed support from eminent personalities and stakeholdergroups like Fashion Designers - Rina Dhaka, Joy Mitra, Paras Bairoliya; PargatSingh, Former Captain of India Hockey team; Swachh Bharat Ambassador fromSikkim State & Marathon Man – Amar Subba; Vizopal Chaya, State BJP GeneralSecretary of Kohima, among others. The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairswhich manages the Swach Bharat Movement of the Government of India has alsoextended its support by retweeting the campaign message.  

Speaking onthe campaign, Mr. P.C Joshi, Secretary General, PACE said, “We believethat a culture of waste segregation and recycling are fundamental steps towardscleaner environment. We need to dispose of our waste responsibly and ensurematerials that can be recycled makes a meaningful contribution after its usage.At PACE, we are delighted to contribute towards continued education of citizensto foster a culture of waste segregation and recycling of PET. A 100% SwachhBharat can become a reality only when each individual takes a pledge againstlittering and takes a firm stand on recycling.”

PET (PolyethyleneTerephthalate) is one of the most widely used plastics for packagingapplications and is 100% recyclable. Discarded PET bottles are collected,sorted, cleaned, shredded, and made into washed flakes, which are then used toproduce products like polyester fibre. This fibre can be used for a variety ofapplications, like filling materials for cushions or pillows; or it can beconverted into fabrics for use in clothing, upholstery, etc. A great example ofPET recycling is the Indian cricket team’s apparel for the 2015 world cup,which was made from recycled PET bottles. In India, over 70% of PET waste isrecycled and aids livelihoods to millions employed in the entire value chain ofrecycling process.

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