Panasonic launches ‘Air Purifying’ Invertor Air conditioners with Nanoe™ Technology

Chennai, 15h March, 2018: Reassuring its commitment towards improving the indoor air quality through its air conditioning products, Panasonic India today launched its new range of inverter air conditioners, inbuilt with its patented air purification system called Nanoe™ Technology that actively removes PM2.5 and airborne particles giving upto 99% clean air. To emphasize its pro-consumer’s health objective, the company which marks its 60th anniversary of Air Conditioner category this year, with this range ensures ‘Quality Air for Life’. The new range comes with Aerowings that give more control over the direction of the airflow across a wider area and ensures flow of cool and purified air evenly in every corner of the room. The new ‘Air-Purifying’ inverter air conditioners are available at all leading retail outlets from a starting price of INR 39,000 to INR 72,000 and in 0.8T, 1.0T, 1.5T, 2.0T variants.

 Indoor airpollution can be worse than outdoor air pollution. In wake of the changing preferences of theconsumers towards a healthy indoor environment, Panasonic, No.1 in Japan’sair conditioning market focuses on the importance of maintaining the quality ofair that people breathe indoors. Its air purifyinginnovation Nanoe™ Technology, uses nano-sized electrostatic atomised water particlesto deodorise, inhibit bacteria and virus growth, remove dust and 99% of PM2.5to purify the air in the room even when the cooling function of the air-con isturned off. The three stage purification system ensure pure and healthy air.

 Panasonic Air Conditioners features Aerowings to give enhanced cooling through its indoor designwith wider intake framework and super-high fan speed to produce bigger airvolume. After reaching a set temperature, the Aerowings twin blades direct airtowards the ceiling to create a ‘Shower Cooling effect’. This ensures thatcool air is evenly distributed throughout the room and provides comfort & ahealthy environment; preventing experience of symptoms such as head & bodyaches, congestion, fatigue caused by a continuous direct cool draught.

 The variants also come embedded with top of the line features likeFaster Cooling, Stylish Design, Durability and exceptional power savingperformance.

 Speaking at the launch, Mr. Gaurav Sah,Business Head, Air Conditioners Group, Panasonic India said, “Withpassion and perseverance, Panasonic has been using advanced technologies toimprove air quality for 60 years. With the deteriorating environmentalconditions across India, there is a growing need for air quality solutions. Panasonicis committed to improve the quality of air in Indian homes and provide enhancedcooling solutions with our proven Nanoe™ Technology & Aerowing design.”

 He further added, “With this range Panasonic plans Rs. 1500crores business during the summer season, targeting 17% growth in FY18-19 overlast year.

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