Panasonic launches Diwali campaign #Right2Breathe against Air Pollution

Chennai, October 18, 2017: Observing the rising air pollution in the national capital region and the public’s growing apathy towards tackling it, Panasonic has come up with a movement for the deteriorating air quality this Diwali. The company recently launched its #Right2Breathe campaign with an aim to take a symbolic pledge to make fresh air a right for all. The campaign has been conceptualized by Dentsu Webchutney and will be supported on social media, on-ground and by Panasonic employees.

Talking about the campaign Mr. Sarthak Seth,Head Brand and Marketing Communications, Panasonic India,#Right2Breathe isa fresh spin on the timeless use of symbols, it gets people to stop and think –This Diwali do I want my contribution to be the crippling pollution or make myenvironment pollution free. Panasonic will create a movement byencouraging people to pledge for ‘Raise Your Voice, Not Your Noise’Withthis campaign we reinforce the company’s vision of pursuing a better life foreach individual and realizing a better world with our contribution to theenvironment.”

The campaign facilitates a “Happy Diwali” mask filteron Facebook and includes distribution of physical masks by the company. Thesocial movement originating from Facebook allows users to apply a FacebookStatic image filter to selfies taken via the app. The air mask filter will beavailable to users who follow Panasonic India on Facebook. Moreover, specialkits with customized physical masks are being distributed among trafficpolicemen and daily pedestrians to instill and share the idea of how a cheerfulDiwali can no longer exist with the unrepairable damage that we do to ourenvironment. Starting today , to pledge and support the cause, users can simplyjoin the #Right2Breathe movement by sharing a picture ofthemselves on social media wearing the virtual or physical mask, orby giving a missed call on 8882357357.

The pledge will help create a better world; one wherewe can breathe without fear. Every share counts. So help us create a betterworld, where everyone can breathe freely!

You may visit Panasonic India’s Facebook page tomake a pledge and ‘Raise Your Voice, Not Your Noise’.

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