Paper Boat takes you on a Journey with the Indian Railway

National, 16th March 2017: We didn’t realize that we were making memories, we were just having fun! . Paper Boat has carved a niche for itself, not just with its products, but soul-stirring films that tug at the heart and transports one back to innocence of simpler times – childhood. A large part of our memories of childhood include family and friends, fun and mischief – but silently forming the background, are also unacknowledged institutions that played perfect hosts to those moments we cherish for a lifetime.

Paper Boat’slatest film is a tribute to one of the country’s greatest, oldest and mostmajestic institutions, which first taught us that the thrill of travel is inthe journey, the destination was incidental.

Parvesh Debuka, Marketing Head, Hector BeveragesPvt Ltd said, “At Paper Boat, we belive to be protectors of timelessrecipes. The films we create find resonance in people across age, class and anyother barriers. This time, we are paying a unique tribute to one suchinstitution that carried us wherever we wanted to go – the Indian Railways. Thevery mention of a train journey evokes a thousand memories. The hoot of atrain, the shudder of the engine, the song of the tracks, the lull of therhythm and the games played in compartments. At Paper Boat, we are happy tocelebrate the legacy of unsung heroes who first stirred the ache of wanderlustin most of us and with whom we have our fondest vacation memories, TheIndian Railways.”

Paper Boatcontinues to use the glorious soundtrack from Malgudi Days in yet anotherrendition that is guaranteed to mesmerize.

Executive CreativeDirector Rajesh RamaswamyLowe Lintas says ““Everyproject on Paper Boat always starts with a thought that comes straight from theheart. So train journeys and the memories associated with them connected usall. And it's so universal. So we made a tribute to the trains for giving ussuch beautiful memories. And yes we got a director on board who had the samelove for it!”

Relive your train journeys by viewing ours here

Film Credits

CreativeAgency: Lowe Lintas, Bangalore

ChiefCreative Officer: Arun Iyer

Executive CreativeDirector: Rajesh Ramaswamy

CreativeCopy: Indrasish Mukherjee & Pradhumn Acholia

CreativeArt: Rexena Devraj, Joann Joseph  

BusinessHead: Hari Krishnan

Business: SonaliKhanna, Smrithi Ramanujam and Rhea Bharat Budhiraja

 Planning: SubramanyeswarS, Nikita Shah

Productionhouse: Black Box Films

Director: KrishnakumarR

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