Paradise, the 'World's Favourite Biryani' enters North India. Opens its first outlet

29th August 2017, Gurugram: Gurugram today opened its doors to Paradise- a 6 decade old legacyrestaurant brand that has today gained worldwide acceptance from celebrities and the common man alike. Citizens in Gurugram now will have easy access to savour ASLIHyderabadi Biryani in their own neighborhood.

This will beParadise’s 22nd outlet nationally and the 1st in North India.This milestone store is located at Raheja Mall on Sohna Road .While the formalDine in is situated on the 1st Floor, a quick service formatand a full-fledged Takeaway is located on the Upper Ground Floor . The outlethas a total seating capacity of 130. Paradise also offers Delivery through itspartners-Swiggy, Food Panda and Zomato. 

Mr. AliHemati, Chairman, Paradise Food Court Pvt Ltd said, “64 years ago, Paradise wasconceptualized as a small provisional store cum café with the main intention ofreaching out to the nearby cinema goers. From a small locality in Secunderabad,our vision has grown and with it our effort to reach as many patrons aspossible across the country. As we bring this legacy to citizens here, our hopeis that we win the hearts of our customers as much as we have in the Southernpart of India. 

The openingof Paradise at Gurugram today is an effort to presentthe authentic Hyderabad food or the asli Hyderabadi Biryani whether one is adie-hard Biryani fan or a prospective one. 

Speaking at the launch, Mr. Gautam Gupta,CEO, Paradise said, “This is a landmark moment for us atParadise today as we step into the NCR market. All through our years ofoperations at Paradise, our objective has always been to deliver high qualityfood by maintaining consistent standard wherever we go. Our route of expansionhas always been Company owned and Company operated outlets to ensure we do notcompromise on quality be it in the form of food, ambience , service to name afew. We have consciously taken our time to study the NCR market and this is theright time for now us to bring the flavour of Paradise to Gurugram – it is astate of never too early, never too late but just in time! “ 

The historyaround Paradise has a very humble beginning. It was started in September 1953at Secunderabad in Andhra Pradesh (now Telangana) as a small 100 seaterrestaurant cum provisional store, mainly to serve cinema goers of the ParadiseTheater. The Café continued its services even when the theatre shut down.Between 1978 and 1996, under the leadership of Mr. A Hemati, the restaurantunderwent an exhaustive re-structuring, renovation and modernization programmethat was aimed at adapting to the changing social trends and evolving foodhabits of the people. The Paradise brand became synonymous with Hyderabad andBiryani and it was only in 2004 that the Management decided to expand to othercities and other localities in Hyderabad. Today, the 64-year-old brand haspresence in Gurugram, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Bengaluru besides Hyderabad andhas a total of 22outlets nationally. A strong nationwide expansion plan isunderway. 

Following the tradition of a uniform menu across allParadise outlets in the country, this outlet will serve dishes spanning fromBiryani to Kebabs to Desserts to Irani Chai to name a few.

Paradise is open from 11:00 am to 11:00 pm all7 days of the week.

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