Bengaluru, June 20, 2017: Suffering from one ailment itself is draining, then imagine multiple complications. That was the case of 75 year old Mr. Qasem Abbdulbari Abdul Kareem who has been successfully treated by the doctors at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital. Mr. Qasem Abbdulbari Abdul Kareem who hails from Yemen was suffering from a damaged and subluxated natural lens along with an injury to iris. He was also diagnosed with cataract and glaucoma.

The life ofMr. Qasem Abbdulbari Abdul Kareem took an unfortunate turn 12 months ago whenhe sustained a stone injury on his left eye following a scuffle. When hevisited the local doctors in Yemen, it was examined that his natural eye lensand iris were damaged. He was also diagnosed with cataract. It did not endthere. Owning to the injury, his eyes had started developing Glaucoma (Highpressure in the eye). While he was given medication for Glaucoma, his injuryand cataract was left untreated as there was not enough support in the eye tofix the artificial (Intra Ocular Lens) lens. This led to Qasem gradually losinghis vision. In fact, within 9 months of the injury his vision wasreduced to a finger counting close to face. That is, he could not see anythingbeyond one foot. 

The searchfor advanced treatment led Qasem and family to Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital inBangalore. After a detailed examination, Dr. Bindiya Hapani and team advisedperforming Glued IOL Surgery. Glued IOL is an advanced treatment techniqueinvented by Dr. Amar Agarwal, Chairman & MD, Dr. Agarwal’s Group of EyeHospital. Through Glued IOL the doctors have not only been able to replace thedamaged lens, the surgery has also helped in curing Qasem of Glaucoma. Today,Qasem is not only able to see objects as far as 10 feet, he is able to lead anear normal life. 

Elaboratingon the case, Dr. Bindiya Hapani, Cataract surgeon and Medical RetinaExpert, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital, said, “Four different eyecomplications at the same time is a rare occurrence in itself and in the caseof Qasem, it was more challenging because he was living with the condition forover a year. The intervention called for a planned approach. Firstly we removedthe subluxated cataractous lens and the intra ocular lens was fixed though aunique technique called "Glued IOL".  Then we addressedthe iris, repaired the damage and restored his lost vision.” 

“The patienthas been responding well. As Glued IOL uses biological glue the chances of areversion are nil.” added Dr. Ashraya Nayaka T E, ConsultantVitreoretinal Surgeon, Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals 

Glued IOL isan innovative technique that involves fixing an Intra-ocular lens (IOL) intothe eye using biological (fibrin) glue. The technique has made possible stableIOL implantation in eyes where previously IOL implantation was considered verydifficult or fraught with complications. An advanced treatment modality it canbe applied to different scenarios and also can be used as a part of combinedsurgeries. It can be performed with foldable IOL as well making it a totallysutureless procedure. Multifocal IOLs can also be implanted using the Glued IOLtechnique and this provides the advantage of spectacle independency aftercataract surgery even in patients with anticipated complication eyes. It hasalso been used as part of Anterior Segment Eye Transplantation wherein theentire front half of the eye is malformed. It can be used in cases withdeformed anterior segment as well. In this case, the Glued IOL was used to fixthe new intra ocular lens. 

Sharing hisjoy, Mr. Qasem Abbdulbari Abdul Kareem (the patient), said“Last 12 months have been trying both emotionally and physically. I had losthope until I met doctors at Dr. Agarwal’s Eye Hospital.  I am thankful tothem for helping me regain my vision. Each of the consultants in the team wasvery patient with us, they explained the condition and treatment in detail andthis helped us to overcome our anxieties.  I am glad that I can now liveand independent retired life.” 

The case of75 year old Qasem is not only a testimony of Glued IOL’s effectiveness; it alsopresents a ray of hope for many who suffer from trauma lead multiple eyecomplications.

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