Peace through Service Two-day Multi District Peace Conference Symphony kicks off in Hyderabad

In a world of increasing violence and terror, Rotary works towards peace, goodwill and understanding: Rotary Intl Director Elect Dr. Bharat Pandhya The first step of peace begins with us, we must have tolerance, forgiveness and positive attitude for peace: Dr. Bharat Pandhya Rotarians believe that in giving we receive, they believe in sharing things which they have: Rtn. Kamal Sanghvi, Rotary Intl Director Elect An economically strong, literate and happy society will be at peace: Rotary Dist 3150 Governor Ramesh Vangala

Hyderabad… 1September 2018: A two-day MultiDistrict Peace Conference ‘Symphony’ kicked off here at Hotel Marigold inHyderabad city late afternoon on Saturday. About 400 Rotarians from fiveRotary districts spread across South India descended in Hyderabad for the Peaceconference. The inaugural ceremony was marked by cultural programs by studentsof Sister Nivedita School. Invocation dance, Curtain raiser dance performeddepicting the 6 focus areas of Rotary International won the hearts of theaudience.


Chief Guest Dr. BharatPandhya, Rotary International Director Elect in his address in the inauguralsession on ‘Positive Peace’ said that in a world of increasing violence andterror, Rotary works towards peace, goodwill and understanding. Rotary has along history of working towards peace. Through its activities it developsconducive conditions helping people progress.  


Peace is a quality oflife. If you look at peace and service, they are not related. But if you seeclosely and observe they have a deep underlying connect. When all sections ofsociety are in harmony peace comes along, said Dr. Bharat Pandhya


For positive peace, bread,bed and basic education are important. And Rotarians through their serviceactivities provide food, shelter, healthcare and education, Dr. Bharat said. Weall want to be go-getters, but we all also need to be go-givers. Giving andsharing what you have will result in satisfaction, contentment and positivepeace, he added.  The first step of peace begins with us, we musthave tolerance, forgiveness and positive attitude for peace, he said. Toleranceis the root cause for peace, he opined.


Another Guest Rtn. KamalSanghvi, Rotary Intl Director Elect in his address said that for him peace isto provide food to hungry, sight to blind, house to homeless and water tothirsty. He said that Rotarians believe that in giving we receive, they believein sharing things which they have.


Giving examples of variousactivities that Rotarians take up, Rtn. Kamal Sanghvi spoke about providing ofdrinking water. As per a UN report, a child dies from water-related diseaseevery 15 seconds in the world. He gave examples of Rotary projects whichprovided potable water to people. They brought smiles to the faces of peoplesuffering. Rotarians have ability to bring smiles, to bring peace, he said. Hegave examples of how in Jharkhand and Bihar Rotarians did great work inproviding safe drinking water.


By distributing 2802school benches for Govt Schools today morning, Rotarians brought dignity tochildren studying there. By providing education to girls and providing themvocational training, they bring dignity and peace to them, said Rtn. KamalSanghvi. Speaking about the contributions of Rotarians, Kamal Sanghvi said thatif it weren’t for Rotarians every 3 child in India would have been crippled, hesaid.


In his welcome addressConference Chairman Rtn. V. Jawahar said that Rotary believes that every personis entitled to peace and we give them peace. Though our service activities wegive people hope and through hope we give peace. The Rotary Peace Conference isorganized to give an opportunity for Rotarians to come together, learn fromtheir leaders and experts, become inspired and leave with immediate actionplans to implement within their communities.


District Governon RameshVangala of Rotary Intl Dist 3150 addressing the gathering said that Rotarianspromote peace, prevent and cure disease, provide clean water and sanitation,support basic education and literacy, and provide economic and communitydevelopment. When everyone is literate, harmony and peace will prevail, hesaid.  


Rotary Foundation works insix focus areas viz. peace and conflict resolution, maternal and child care,basic education and literacy, water and sanitation, disease prevention andtreatment and economic & community development. An economically strong,literate and happy society will be at peace, Ramesh Vangala said.


The two-day peaceconference is to conclude tomorrow afternoon. Rotary District3150, 3132, 3160, 3181 and 3182 together organized this Peace Conference toreiterate Rotarian's commitment and pledge towards promoting WorldUnderstanding, Good  Will, and Peace through improvement of Health,the support of education and alleviation of Poverty.


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