Pearson India launches ‘MyPedia Reader Storybook’; A book for children, by children

National, November 29, 2017: Pearson, the world’s learning company, launched MyPedia Reader Storybook - a compilation of 42 stories penned by young authors in a book. The book publishes the stories of the winners of MyPedia Reader Creative-writing Contest 2017, a contest organized by Pearson India. This collection of children’s stories gains a greater purpose when it is shaped as a Reader for supplementing English-language learning. While it makes a great platform available to children to share their stories with the world and become published at a very young age, as an educational tool, it also creates a unique peer-learning environment which traverses one classroom and expands to classrooms across the nation.

Pearson receivedmore than 1500 stories fromstudents across the country. The youngest author whose story gotpublished is as young as 8-year-oldand is a student of 4th standard. These stories werejudged by a 3-panel jury comprising of award-winning author of children’sliterature in English – SanthiniGovindan, children's writer – Arundhati Venkatesh and quintessential story teller forchildren – Indira Ananthakrishnan.


Ujjwal Singh, Vice President - Products & Innovation, Pearson India, along with renowned author Vineet Aggarwal unveiled thebook. He spoke about the importance of nurturing children’s imagination andinnate creativity and encourage them to think critically. Commenting on thelaunch, Ujjwal, said “Imagination and creativity is a crucialeducational objective to adequately equip the next generation for their future. Children are powerhouse of talent. Each one of them have differentskill and if nurtured properly, they can certainly grow up to do wonders intheir respective fields. We, at Pearson, love stories, and have designedMyPedia Reader which is an endeavour to share these stories with the world.While each story we received was beautifully crafted, but the ones that made itto the book brings a fresh new perspective”.


He added, “With MyPedia Reader we wanted to create a fertile ‘children-learning- from-children’ atmosphere thatencourages and nourishes the innate imagination and creativity of children. Weprovided a platform to children to share their stories and ended up with apath-breaking learning solution for reading and writing of Englishlanguage.”  


The stories in MyPediaReader come from different geographies and different cultures, thus creating arobust reading list that is rich, eclectic, diverse and cross-cultural. These stories stem out of children’s ownexperiences, their issues and aspirations. They are told fromchildren’s viewpoint and perspective. Thus, putting together a reading listthat the learners can (i) easily relate to, (ii) enjoy and (iii) get inspiredfrom.


The platform gave the children an opportunity toregister their achievements outside of academic expectations. It captures their ‘bold ideas, wild creativity andoptimism’ in the shape of stories that are true to their viewpoint, issues,hopes and aspirations and builds them into a rich Reader. Kids wore the cap ofa storyteller and penned wonderful stories on interesting themes such as –Science Fiction, Folk Tales, Travel and History among others.


“A reader, a guide or a game book―MyPedia Reader seems to be all thethree rolled into one thoroughly entertaining, spellbinding English readingresource that will soon become the ‘new normal’. Children would love to read itas they would easily relate to the young authors and their stories. It wouldinitiate and encourage them to write with a replenished zeal. Prompts forcritical and creative thinking will help children to broaden their imagination.Scribble pages will trigger free expression. The games are going to add thatextra charm. Inspiration wall is really inspiring. Best part of all is theCharts and Checklists that guides children to write impressive stories. Inshort, MyPedia Reader is holistic. As an educational product, it is honestlylike a breath of fresh air!” ― Meghana Munsunuri, Founder & Chairpersonof Bodhivriksha Educational Society 

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