Pearson India launches new edition of ‘CTET Preparatory Series’ for aspiring teachers in India

Bangalore, January 11, 2017: Pearson, the world’s learning company today announced the launch of their new series on CTET (Central Teacher Eligibility Test) for aspiring teachers in India. The series comprising of six books on Child Development Pedagogy,English as Language I and Hindi as Language II, along with Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

This series has been tailor-made to help both the aspiring and working teachers to get acquainted with the salient ideas related to teaching-learning of a particular subject. The main emphasis has been laid on the pedagogy related to the content and the crucial aspects related to the teaching-learning; specific to the content covered at primary and middle school curriculum. These books would act as a one-stop source for concepts, resources, planning and procedures designed to equip teachers with the knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours as required to be performed in a diverse classroom 

The books also include previous years’ solved papers and model test papers to enhance self-practice among aspirants. The books are targeted for the preparation of Paper I and Paper II of CTET. 

Mr. Vikas Singh, Vice President, Higher Education & test preparation vertical, Pearson India shared, Pearson has been providing high quality preparatory content through its wide range of test preparation books, for over 18 years in India. CTET is an important qualification for aspiring teachers and clearing the exam requires expert guidance and in-depth subject knowledge. Our new series of books, developed in tandem with the most well known local experts, would equip applicants with the desired content and structured approach to crack CTET 2017.” 

The six books series includes: 

Social Sciences and Pedagogy for CTET: Authored by Sandeep Kumar, Faculty of CIE, Department of Education, Delhi University.‘Social Science and Its Pedagogy’ book has been designed for the aspirants preparing for CTET Paper-II which is conducted for selecting teachers for classes VI-VIII.The book focuses on the facts of social science for the development of conceptual perspectives about the various aspects of our everyday life. The book is further divided into four parts covering History, Geography, Social and Political Science and Pedagogical Perspectives and issues for Social Science as a subject. Priced at Rs.325, the book strikes a chord with its student friendly language, critical thinking and cognitive challenges. 

Child Development and Pedagogy for CTET: Priced at Rs.225, the book is a must read for comprehensive learning and understanding of the theories associated with child development and pedagogy. Again authored by Sandeep Kumar, the book is specifically designed and developed as per the syllabus prescribed for the Central Teacher Eligibility Test (CTET). The book also offers simple explanation of key concepts to help in diverse learning. 

Science and Pedagogy for CTET: The book is a trusted material to understand the concepts of Science and its pedagogy. For better learning and understanding of the readers the book is divided in two parts. The first part focuses on Environmental Studies and its pedagogy at the primary level whereas the second part focuses on Science and its pedagogy for elementary level. This book also includes previous year papers and model test paper. Authored by an experienced faculty, Yukti Sharma, the book is available at Rs.299. 

Mathematics and Pedagogy for CTET: The book is modelled to help the pre-service and in-service teachers to get acquainted to the salient ideas related to teaching-learning of school mathematics. The book is divided in two parts. Part one focuses on primary learning and part two focuses on elementary level, i.e. 6th to 8th classes. The book is authored by Dr. Haneet Gandhi and is available at the price of Rs.325. 

English and Pedagogy for CTET: Thebook provides a comprehensive understanding about the concerns, theories andconcepts associated with English Language teaching and its’ methodologies. Thetitle helps the learners on reading comprehension of unseen passages withquestions on comprehension, grammar and verbal ability. It also includeslearning skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing), the Challenges ofteaching in a diverse classroom, vocabulary and grammar, learning materials,and remedial teaching. The book is authored by renowned author and experiencedfaculty Geeta Sahani and is available at the price of Rs.299 

Hindi Language II and Pedagogy for CTET: Thebook is modelled as per the latest syllabus for aspiring teachers in India. Thebook focuses on Hindi language teaching methodologies for both primary andelementary level. Authored by Sandeep Kumar, Lalit Kumar and Akhilesh KumarGautam, the book is priced at Rs.199.

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