Pedigree re-launches Pedigree Professional range as ‘Pedigree Pro’

Bangalore, December 4, 2017: In a strategic move to educate consumers about the unique nutritional needs of different dog breeds and sizes, PEDIGREE, the leading dog food brand of MARS Inc. has today re-launched its advanced dog food range as ‘PEDIGREE PRO’. This launch is in line with the brand’s vision to cater to every breed’s needs throughout their various stages of life.

PedigreePro’ range is formulated with high quality and special nutrients byveterinarians and nutritionists at WALTHAM- the world’s leadingauthority on pet care and nutrition. The expert range is now availablein 6 variants and differentiate itself basis the size of dog breeds and theirage. Distinctive Pedigree Pro range consists of Pedigree Pro, ‘Starter-Mother & Pup’, ‘Puppy- Small and Puppy- Large’, ‘Adult- Small and Adult-Active’range and “Weight management”

Mr.Nitin Kulkarni, Director Corporate Affairs at Mars International Pvt. Ltd“We appreciate each breed'sheritage, unique behaviors and attributes. Our research and studies indicatethat every breed, be it small or large, requires balanced nutrition for a happyand healthy life. Pedigree Pro dog food has been re-launched with an aim toreach out to the vast population of pet parents in India offering them the bestnutrition suited to meet their breed's distinct nutritional needs. “ 

To conveythe brand's core message of providing customized nutrition to help dogs thrive,the new product range of ‘Pedigree Pro’, has been launched with adifferent packaging and a new logo for easy comprehension of the product by thebuyers. The new half black and half signatory yellow packaging of the producthas been designed  to create a strong, visually arresting package thatreflect the new range’s  highest quality ingredients. 

Speaking over the revamp of theirentire expert range, Mr. Mohit Arora, Headof Marketing, Mars Pet Nutrition India said, “The new packaginghas been designed to help buyers differentiate between our banner brandPedigree and our expert range. Each bag contains detailed information on theingredients offered in the customized blend. We have also included a new logoin our Pedigree Pro range to create a separate visual identity for our newrange. “ 

‘PedigreePro’ foodrange is highly digestible. The product has special ingredients whichpro-actively work to make the pet more happy & healthy. Example: In ourPuppy Large breed we have Glucosamine along with Omega fatty acid which reducesissues of bone which is highly prevalent in large breed dogs

In WeightManagement there is L Carnitine which helps fat as well 20% lesser it deliverscomplete and balanced nutrition with fewer calories, helping pets to achieve ormaintain a healthy weight.

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