People Konnect & Woman At Work set the stage for India’s Biggest Virtual Career Fair for Women

Mumbai, June 18, 2018 - Career Konnect 2018 is a virtual multi-corporate career event aimed at augmenting the efforts of progressive employers in hiring a gender diverse workforce who have a mission towards a gender equal workplace. Co-hosted by two leading organizations in the diversity landscape, People Konnect’s Back To The Front and Woman At Work, the virtual event creates an open space for women to explore career opportunities with progressive employers across India.

Over thepast few years, Diversity and Inclusion, especially in the gender space,has been a top business imperative and corporates in India have realized theimpact of having a gender equal workforce.  However, it is a factthat there is a significant gap that exists in the workplace from a genderparity perspective. 

AnjaliGulati, FounderPeopleKonnect said, “We aim to bring organizations acrossvarious sectors to hire women across functions - finance, sales, supply chain,human resources etc. A digital platform such as this will also help thesecompanies create a strong gender diversity brand amongst potential talent.”

The eventwill be open to women candidates at senior, mid & junior levels, acrossfunctions and locations. Women on a career break or sabbatical can also explorethe various opportunities to help them get back to work. The positions would befull time, part time or flexible working options across multiple sectors likeShipping & Logistics, Media, Technology, Banking, Insurance, Retail,Consumer Goods, e-commerce and more. 

A live eventover two days, August 1st & 2nd, Career Konnect2018 is targeting to showcase the employer brands of leading corporates to over500,000 plus women candidates pan-India and let them know of theprogressive policies and programs run by these corporates to support a diverseand inclusive workplace. 

Commentingon the event, Mr. Navneet Kapoor, CEO, Maersk GSC said“Organizations have a huge responsibility to create an inclusive and openenvironment for their teams. When we speak of diversity, we do it not becauseit sounds cool or is a check in the box but because a diverse team drivessuperior business results. It is therefore important that we are sensitive tothe diverse needs of our team members and offer them the opportunities and thesupport to be the best they can be in their professional and personal lives”. 

“There aretalented women looking for exciting opportunities and there are great companieslooking for such talent. We are bringing the two together via Career Konnect2018, which is a pioneering concept and platform and is focused on usingtechnology to solve the talent challenge”, says Poornima ParameswaranBatish, Founder, Woman At Work

The hiringexperience will be seamless. In the run up to the event, women will uploadtheir resumes, browse through available jobs and attend webinars & virtualsessions. The team will also provide a resume toolkit, help in prepping for theinterviews and access to leaders from participating organizations. 

“Goodcompanies need good people. But we often hire people who are easiest to hirewith a minimum investment, a phenomenon called as decision of convenience. Eventslike these help us bridge the gap on the effort of reach and pushes us to thinkdifferently and at times radically to hire talent. I am very excited to takepart in this event and it will give us an opportunity to meet a lot of peoplewho otherwise we could miss on. I am sure that we will learn a lot from thisevent and we look to hire some great women talent”, said Ms. Ruchita BansalSharma, Head HR, Guardian Life Insurance Company.

In this era of change and speed, it isimperative that we look at innovative ways of solving business problems andleverage digital solutions. Getting more women in the workforce has been achallenge for long and we need to be thought leaders to change the status-quo.Career Konnect 2018 is one such step in that direction added Ms. AnjaliGulati.

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