People Queue Up at Columbia Asia Hospital Screening Camp for Treatment of Neurological Disorder

Patiala, February 09th 2018: People from Patiala and nearby regions flocked to a free screening camp organized by Columbia Asia Hospital in high numbers on 8th and 9th of this month for medical consultation, diagnosis, and treatment of neurological disorders.

The camp wasorganized not only to treat patients but also to spread awareness and educatepeople about these disorders.

Doctorsprovided free medical consultation from morning 9 AM to 1:30 AM on over 15neurological disorders, including stroke, brain hemorrhage, epilepsy, migraine,vertigo, dementia, Parkinson’s disease, neurotoxic diseases, neurodegenerativediseases, and many others

People have come in good numbers.Doctors have provided free consultation to 105people in the pasttwo days. Neurological disorders are associated with social stigma and it isdifficult for people to come out in open and go for medical consultation.Therefore, it felt all the more good to see people coming out of their closetsand discuss their problems” said Dr. Satwant Sachdeva, ConsultantNeurologist, Columbia Asia Hospital, Patiala.

Around 3crore people in India suffer from neurological disorders, with an approximateprevalence of 2400 people per lakh population. Although there seems to be lackof data on a number of neurological disorders in Patiala, but an independentstudy published in 2015 for epilepsy, reported prevalence of over 7 persons per1000 people,  while it showed a crude incidence rate of around 60per  lakh population. In the given scenario, people need to be more awareof various neurological disorders prevalent so that they can go for the propertreatment and help those who are suffering from these diseases.

“Weorganized this camp to provide space and encourage people to come forward withtheir issues and get treated. In the camp, people not only availed free medicalconsultation but they also availed heavy discounts for various diagnostic andlab tests. For EEG, EMG, and NCS tests, the hospital provided discountof up to50%, while other lab tests had a discount of 30%. We would continue to put inextra efforts for spreading awareness and educating people about neurologicaldiseases and encourage them to go to trained medical practitioners and doctorsfor diagnosis so that the patients can be guided correctly. “said Dr.Satwant Sachdeva

Theignoranceabout neurological diseases is high across various strata of society,irrespective of socioeconomic background. However, ignorance is higher insections with poor or no education or literacy. Because of belief ontraditional practices, sometimes people tend to consult and depend upon quacksand astrologers than visiting healthcare facilities. Such camps definitely seemto play an important role in guiding people to right places for medical care.

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