Peps Industries appoints Phantom Ideas to put a spring in its step

Mumbai, 30 May 2018: Peps Industries, India’s top selling spring mattress company, has appointed Phantom Ideas as its new strategic partner to reinvigorate the brand. Phantom will be responsible for conceptualizing and executing an integrated creative and brand strategy across the mix, including brand consulting, TV, digital, on-ground and print.

Speaking on the development, Peps Industries’Founder Member and Managing Director K. Madhavan explains, “As we continue to build on our marketleadership position, it was absolutely essential that we got the right partneron board to help us centre the brand on a big and audacious purpose,strategically and creatively. We weren’t looking for just an agency, we wantedsomeone who could help us reshape the business as a whole, and we believePhantom has the capability to do that.” 

G Shankar Ram, Joint Managing Director, PepsIndustries said, “The heights that any company cangrow till is purely dependant on the help it gets from its partners. WithPhantom, we are rest assured that we are in bed with the best possible partnerto help take Peps to new heights.  Their professionalism and quality fitsperfectly with what we as a brand look to personify.” 

According to Phantom’s Founder andChief Creative Officer Robbie Anthoney, the mandate was too good toresist, since it mirrors Phantom’s own perspective on purpose-drivenbranding. “Peps has already chomped up half the spring mattress pie byoffering a product that’s far superior to anything else in the market. Nobodymakes spring mattresses the way Peps does. Our task will now be to take thisessential product truth and examine its relevance from a cultural perspective.Indians are in a perennial hurry these days, with most of us compromising onthe quality of our sleep. How will Peps fit into people’s lives, as a brand?What will it help make possible? What problems will it solve? This is somethingwe’re eager to explore. Through our engagements with clients across industries,we have found huge merit in creating work that connects culturally.” 

Since its establishment, Peps has seen tremendousgrowth and now sells over two lakh (200,000) mattresses annually. Currently,Peps boasts of 133 exclusive Great Sleep Stores around the country. Peps aimsto become a complete bedroom solution for all, by penetrating the differentsegments of bedroom accessories, and intends to expand its geographic footprintin the South East Asian market as well. 

Peps Industries was established in 2006 by K.Madhavan, MD, and his two partners, G Shankar Ram, Joint MD, and P Manjunath,Director. The company controls a majority of India’s spring mattress market andhas played a crucial role in bringing world-class affordable spring mattressesto Indian consumers. The company has also partnered with Restonic Corporationof USA, which is one of the largest mattress companies in the world. Being theonly Indian company with a licensing agreement with Restonic, Peps hasexclusive access to the unique technology of Restonic.

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