Perfetti Van Melle bring back Center Shock

Perfetti Van Melle India has announced the launch of Center Shock in the Indian market; a sour flavoured gum in line with the growing sour flavours trend worldwide.

CenterShock was initially launched in 2002, and created excitement in the gumscategory with a sour flour and ‘shocking’ consumption experience. The brandcreated its own set of followers with a differentiated taste profile andentertaining advertising. It was later phased out in line with business plans.

CenterShock will be available at Rs. 2 per gum in an attractive jar for high in shopvisibility and will be supported with a campaign on digital media to buildawareness.

Commentingon the launch, Rohit Kapoor, Director - Marketing, Perfetti Van Melle Indiasays “We have continuously been asked by consumers to bring Center Shock backon our Facebook and other social media handles. Given the amount of interest wesee from consumer memory, and the fact that consumers are more accepting ofsour flavours now, we have worked to get to launch Center Shock. It’s a joy tobring back a brand basis consumer demand. We will be supporting the launch onsocial media exclusively, with the same loved communication (designed byOgilvy) as before. It will be available as a limited edition.”

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