Perfetti Van Melle India launches Alpenliebe POP & Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Goody Bears

Long gone are the days when the sole sign of the discerning Indian Shopper-Mom was squeezing maximum value from her budget. Today she is not only looking for value for money offerings but equally important are the “wellness benefits” delivered by the product.

Organizationsattuned to changing shopper needs are responding with exactly that – A Betterfor You (BFY) portfolio. Nothing epitomizes this truth more than two recentreleases from the house of Perfetti Van Melle India - all new AlpenliebePOP & Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Goody Bears

The firstone is the relaunch of the Alpenliebe POP, a long popular brand of lollipops inIndia.  Alpenliebe POP has been re-launched in two variants, withadded fortification. First is the caramel variant which is added with Calciumand second is Cream-Strawberry variant, with added Vitamin C. Available at twoprice points, Rs.5 for a single lollipop & Rs.30 for a multi pop familypack. 

 Secondintroduction, Goody Bears is an extension under Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly, a brandwhich is a leader in the jellies segment and popular for its “made with 25%fruit pulp” credentials. Taking the wholesomeness credentials further, GoodyBears has 47% fruit pulp and is enriched with Vitamin C.  These bearshaped jellies comes in a handy sachet which a mom can easily add to thechild’s tiffin. One sachet fulfills 10% of the daily vitamin C needs of a kid.

 Andit’s for this reason that this innovation could be a perfect ‘tiffin treat’ forthe concerned Indian mom, constantly seeking to walk the fine line betweenkids’ desire for sweet treat on one side and ensuring some nutritional value onthe other. 

Goody Bearsare priced at Rs.120 for a box containing 11 sachets. 

Commentingon the development Mr. Ramesh Jayaraman, Managing Director, PerfettiVan Melle India said “We passionately care about consumers & theirever-evolving needs. I am excited about the two new offerings, both in theBetter For You segment”.

 Thesupport plan for these innovations include TV communication for Alpenliebe POPsand digital/ on ground activations for Goody Bears. 

To leverageE-commerce opportunity, Alpenliebe Juzt Jelly Goody Bears was rolled outexclusively on PaYTM Mall. Initial results are encouraging. Commenting on thisexclusive launch, Mr. Amit Sinha, COO – Paytm Mall said, “Weare glad to have partnered with Perfetti Van Melle for the exclusive launch ofAlpenliebe Juzt Jelly Goody Bears. This collaboration has given us theopportunity to bring this appealing jelly to kids across the country whileoffering a truly distinct retail experience. It is encouraging to see a largernumber of FMCG brands appreciating the power of e-commerce while bringing newofferings to the Indian market.”

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