Persistent training of the mind-key to maximizing potential: The Google Boy

Bengaluru: The second day of the Career Utsav 2018 was marked by the Keynote delivered by child prodigyKautilyaPandit popularly known as ‘The Google Boy’. His talk dwelled on How to Maximize the Power of Mind.

“Well, everyone is equally able and capable potentially, it is what we do to trigger it and explore it that makes the difference. If we persistently train and put efforts for the mind to perform at its bestwe will be able to tap into its true potential” said KautilyaPandit, The Google Boy. 

“If everydayonespends atleast half an hour on sharpening the brain and mind, you will see a significant enhancement in the power of your mind. The more we train it,the better it gets.” added Kautilya. 

Highlighting the key takeaways from day 2 of the Career Utsav, CEO and Founder of Career Utsav, Mr. Sripal JainSaid, “We had over 3 thousand students today attending 9 more career stream specific seminars by industry experts. Students who attended the career Utsav has access to industry experts and counsellors who were part of the Utsav and can seek their guidance going ahead. It is a significant takeaway for the students.  The Life In IIT session gave students a realistic insight into what it takes to crack the JEE in terms of preparations and what is it like studying in IIT.”

“We are happy that thousands of students were able to utilize this opportunity to figure out what should be their next step and what are the aspects they should be focusing on as they get into career-oriented education and endeavors after PUC”added Jain, who is also the CEO of K2 Learning the organizer of the Utsav. 

The day also sawperformances by human beatboxes and dance by Jain University students. Career Utsav 2018 organized by K2 Learningconcluded at the NIMHANS Convention Centre in Bengaluru on Sunday, 16th of December, 2018.

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