PES Collegiate Social Responsibility Club Celebrates 5th Anniversary

Bengaluru April 2017. Collegiate Social Responsibility has been the most active club of PES University. It aims to strive towards the benefit of the less fortunate. The CSR Club of PES University is a group of students who have joined hands to work towards achieving a better India from the grass root level by giving back to the society. The CSR initiative has also spread to other areas like Swatch bharat abhiyan project, Green Diwali, Mental Health awareness program and Village development projects.

Blood Donation Camp  was recently organized to mark the 5th anniversary of this event. A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) as written by CSR is signed by the blood banks. The MOU binds the blood banks to use 40% of blood donated for the needs of the under privileged. Collegiate Social Responsibility Club – 2017. 

As routine Donating blood is not only beneficial to the recipient but to the donor as well, having a greater impact on the recipient’s life by giving them new hope and a new chance each day. Along with a feeling of satisfaction that they have impacted a life, the donor also receives medical benefits like prevention of hemochromatosis, lowering the risk of Cancer, reducing heart and liver diseases and, production of new cells helps in maintaining good health. The aim of hosting BDC is to encourage student and faculty to donate blood, so as to aid the poor and underprivileged when the need arises. The Blood Donation Camp is the yearly flagship event of the CSR club. It has been consistently hosted with passion by this club for the past four years. BDC – 2017 was hosted on 20th of March and marks the 5th anniversary of this event. A Memorandum Of Understanding (MOU) as written by CSR is signed by the blood banks. The MOU binds the blood banks to use 40% of blood donated for the needs of the under privileged. Collegiate Social Responsibility Club – 2017 

I was also enthusiastic for donating my blood. I was laid to bed with a soft ball in my hand. Then the process of extracting the blood off my body started. The process took more than half an hour. After it, along with the another fellow  donor said student. 

B D C Methodology 

Pre-Planning: Teamwork is the oil, which keeps the system smooth. Keeping that in mind, the volunteers for the camp were divided into the following domains: As a whole Rajat B Goudar and Rahul Jain were heading all the domains of Blood donation camp. 

Calling Blood Banks: This domain was led by Mr. Rahul, Rajat Goudar and Yash. Under the guidance of Prof. Ancy Mathew, the faculty in charge of CSR, they contacted the following blood banks who are willing to sign an MoU between PESU & them.The following blood banks participated after signing MoU. 

a. The PES Medical College blood bank Kuppam

b. TTK Rotary blood bank

c. Victoria Blood Bank blood bank

d. NIMHANS blood bank

e. And the KIDWAIblood bank 

Time Table Scheduling& maintenance ofattendance team: This domain was led by Ms.Chaitra, Anjana&Vasha. Thedomain was in charge of handling the smooth influx of donors and making surethat students do not miss any laboratory classes. 

Public Relations team:This domain was led byMansi, Yash, and Sanjana. They were elegated with the important job ofspreading awareness about blood donation. They were also entrusted with theresponsibility of inviting teachers and students to attend and donate.interviewing&videoing were part of their domain 

Design and Creativity team: This domain was led byVasu, Priya, Shreyans and Padma. This domain spent time weeks before the eventmaking meaningful &lovely hand&digital posters and decorations of the venuefor the final day. 

Finance team:Rakshita, Rashmita and Ujwala handled theimperative job of making the budget for the event. With the guidance of ourfaculty coordinator they wasable to come up with the best plan under minimumcost. 

Media, Photography& Report writing: Lorick took theresponsibility of getting press to cover the event. The photography componentwas outsourced to PES’s resident photograph club, Pixels. The final reportwriting was written by Lorick and Anjana. 

The operations team was led by Goutham, Vijayalakshmi, RajatR and Ramya. Their work comprised of getting organizer requirements on thefinal day so as to aid smooth flowing of the event. 

The registrations team was led by Prachi&Bhumika. Theteam’s job was to organize a pre event potential donor’s registration with helpfrom the PR team. Also, they were in charge of on spot registrations on the dayof BDC.The 5,6 &7 teams  had plannedand done the work so wellso that the flow of donors went on as per schedule. 

While  Thehospitality team was led by Arjun, Goutham & .They did search foreconomical &tasty food to all thestaff and volunteers of the programme.Thefood they provided were awesome. They were also in charge of aiding the BloodBank staff with their needs.

On the day of theevent the MRD auditorium was divided by the hospitality and operations teaminto five parts with the help of tables so as to create a space for each bloodbank to set up. The donation activities begun at 8:15 AM. Five registrationcounters were set up, each catering to different departments for ease of crowdmanagement. After registrations, each donor was handed a token having a numberbetween 1-5, each number representing a blood bank. Inside the auditorium, thedonors were kept entertained by soft music and informative videos andpresentations. Food for organizers and staff of the blood banks was organizedon the 3rd floor in MRD block. The event was conducted smoothly due to thecombined effort of all the domains.

Via our team spirit, team effort and hardwork we were collectively able to collect 877 units of blood. Where TTK Rotarycollected (275 units), PES Medical College – Kuppam collected (173 units),Kidwai collected (108 units), Victoria Blood Bank collected (115 units) andNimhans collected (206 units). Despite the hiccups, the even was a grandsuccess over all. It helped us to have better interpersonal interaction, groupwork, and new friends and enhanced our knowledge on donating blood and itsimportance in our life and in saving lives.TheCSR Council

By Lorick and Anjana

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