PHD launches talent initiative

In sync with PHD’s mantra of - Finding a Better Way – the network has launched an innovative talent-focused initiative that allows the brand to recruit by challenger type. The initiative groups the ten most common challenger behaviours and then aligns them across the spectrum of PHD’s core values to show how the strength of each challenger type can drive PHD forward.

Theinitiative is in the form of a quiz that is embedded on each PHD site acrossthe Asia Pacific region ( Thiswill form a part PHD’s HR and Recruitment policy and be used with potentialcandidates to assess how they go about challenging to find a better way and howthey could be a part of the right PHD team. The quiz is also being rolled out to existing employees as theidentification of the challenger type will complement PHD’s talent effortsacross several areas – restructuring of teams, appraisals, training anddevelopment and strengthening PHD’s challenger brand mentality.

“Finding abetter way is our way of thinking, of acting and sharing our passion. It is thesoul of our challenger approach to everything that we do.  The only way PHD can maintain its uniqueculture and planning philosophy is by ensuring that the PHD experience isconsistent across the network for the people we employ and nurture. We believethat a positive and nurturing culture creates business momentum and that theagency with the strongest culture delivers the most innovative media productthrough its people,’’ said Susana Tsui, APAC CEO, PHD. “This initiative willhelp us in getting the right people, for the right job and most importantly, ifthey are right for PHD,’’ added Tsui.

“What we’repassionate about at PHD is finding people who are passionate about challengingthe world – whether it’s the status quo and the way things are done, or theconventions and accepted wisdom that keep things stuck the way they are,” saidChris Stephenson, Regional Head of Strategy and Planning, PHD APAC.

TheAPAC-launched initiative will be rolled out across all PHD markets around theglobe in the months to come.

Theinitiative is an adaptation of an earlier PHD thought-leadership initiativecalled Overthrow, developed in collaboration with eatbigfish - a strategicbrand consultancy. Overthrow explored the 10 most common successful challengernarratives; what they share, how they differ, and how they should structuretheir media behaviours in today’s highly connected world. The narratives havebeen drawn from research into some of the most successful challenger brands ofthe last decade. Each of these narratives is, in effect, a dynamic challengerstrategy that takes on the category or a leader; each differs in that theysucceed through challenging something different to bring about a breakthrough.

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