Philips Lighting launches innovative T Bulb with wider light spread in India

Bengaluru, India–Transforming the illumination experience for its consumers, Philips Lighting (Euronext: LIGHT), the world leader in lighting, today launched its Philips T Bulb in India, focused on the home lighting segment.

 This innovativeT-shaped LED bulb is the first of its kind in the Indian market and offersa wider light spread compared with a regular LED bulb. It can also be installedin an existing LED bulb socket and offers a unique aesthetic shape and amodular angular neck. 

India is oneof the biggest open socket markets in the world, with consumers using at leastone bulb or tube light on average to illuminate a room in their household. Everincreasing urbanization in metros and non-metro towns is resulting in spaceconstraints, with average room sizes shrinking across India. Hence, one LEDbulb may not be sufficient to illuminate a room and tube lights on the otherhand require a wider installation space and expertise to install. To addressthis gap, Philips Lighting has introduced its innovative plug-and-playPhilips T Bulb that offers a wider light spread than a LED bulb and can beinstalled in an existing LED bulb socket, thus not requiring elaborateinstallation set-up or space. 

Philips T Bulb Specifications:

·WiderLight Spread: Offers a wider light spread compared to a LED bulb

·Easeof installation:  A plug-and-play solution, thePhilips T Bulb canbe easily installed in an existing LED bulb socket

·Decorativeluminaire: Can be used as a decorative luminaire, thanks to itssleek design and modularangular neck with swivel function

·Attractiveprice point: Available at INR 299/-

·Availablein 10W (1000 Lumens) and 8W (800 Lumens) variants 

Commentingon the launch, Rothin Bhattacharyya, Chief Marketing officer, Philips LightingIndia said“As the global market leader in lighting, PhilipsLighting has always been at the forefront of product innovation. We have beenpresent in the Indian market for over 80 years and have an in-depthunderstanding of the Indian consumer and their lighting requirements. With thenew Philips T Bulb, we have redefined the bulb format that we allunquestioningly take for granted. We are confident that consumers willappreciate the wider light spread and ease of installation of the new Philips TBulb”.

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