Philosophy of Education Conference 2017

Bangalore, 11 January 2017: A three day conference on Philosophy of Education was organized by Azim Premji University from January 9 -11 2017. The conference on the theme how to understand ‘Theory’ in education, particularly in relation to our efforts to better educational ‘practices’, brought together several national and international scholars and practitioners. The conference is part of the University’s sustained efforts to contribute to the philosophical discourse on education in India.

One of the major discussions during the conference were the issues of learning and teaching central to educational theory and practice by Prakash Iyer and Indrani Bhattacharjee of Azim Premji University, while that of science education by Prajit Basu (University of Hyderabad) and Arthur Eisenkraft (University of Massachusetts).

A number of doctoral students presented their work on the theory-practice theme. Many students, teacher and educationist practitioners participated in the discussions throughout the three days.

Addressing the conference, Anurag Behar, Vice Chancellor, Azim Premji University emphasized that “discussion that takes place among philosophers must reach wider audience and that there is a need to employ more accessible  idiom in order to informed public discussion. He added that philosophers must go to street"

Some of the eminent Philosophers of education, DavidCarr (University of Birmingham), Joseph Dunne (Dublin City University) andRohit Dhankar (Azim Premji University) underlined the very necessity of theright characterization of the nature and purpose of practice of education.

There was also a rich discussion on the concept ofUniversity and Theory by thinkers like Heinz-Dieter Meyer (State University ofNew York) and Krassimir Stojanov (Universitat Eichstatt-Ingolstadt, Germany).

The 3day conference provided a  forum fordeliberations and dialogue on Theory in Education and on discussion of theplace and values of various forms of theories in particular in teachereducation programs in India.

About Azim Premji University: AzimPremji University was established under the Azim Premji University Act 2010 ofthe Government of Karnataka. Azim Premji Foundation, the sponsoring body set upthe University as a fully philanthropic and not-for-profit entity, with a clearsocial purpose. Azim Premji University’s key mission is to prepare graduateswith great competence, integrity and social commitment who can contribute tothe Education and Development sectors in India. The University is committedtowards developing outstanding professionals for the education and developmentsectors in India, conducting contextually relevant research in these fields andstrengthening the capacities of existing professionals through high qualitycontinuing education programmes.

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