“Photo Peshawar” released at C340 | Serendipity Arts Foundation

New Delhi, March 26th, 2018: Serendipity Arts Foundation, partnering with PIX Publishing and Mapin Publishing, launched a photo book “Photo Peshawar” at Serendipity Arts Foundation on 24th March 2018 . The book by Irish ethnographer Sean Foley and Austrian photographer and artist and filmmaker Lukas Birk portrays the culture of photography in the Pakistani frontier city of Peshawar from the late 1940s to the present day.

Photo Peshawar’ looks directly at thepracticing photographers, the various kinds of craftsmen that have sprung up todefine self-representation over generations of Peshawaris. A particular focusof this book is on photographers who work in two areas of Peshawar: SaddarRoad, the relatively genteel and elite new city area, and Cinema Road,representing a more chowk-like energetic old city culture. There are alsoreferences to smaller enclaves which house studios such as those around RandazBazaar, close to the ‘ladies’ market’ – which as the name implies, sellswoman’s cosmetics, jewellery and fabrics – and Sikandar Pura. It also looks atwomen in photography. 

The book explores the rich and largely unexploredphotographic tradition of Peshawar, variously borne of British rule, thePartition of India, war in neighbouring Afghanistan, the rise of the Taliban,local tribal law, an historical prohibition on image-making in Islam, thepractice of purdah (the veiling of females in public), and the regional movieindustry. 

Speaking on the occasion, Smriti RajgarhiaDirectorSerendipity Arts Foundation said: “We are delighted to release“Photo Peshawar”, a compelling book which will enrich our understanding of itshuman subjects and their culture. Photography in Peshawar has historically andculturally found itself wedged between the multi-denominational Indiansub-continent and predominantly Muslim Afghanistan; and artistically it iscaught between the creative and conservative forces of both. Sean Foley andLukas Birk have created a lovely volume which inspired us. Serendipity ArtsFoundation has always supported and promoted exceptional artists and we arehappy to share this beautiful book with the world.”

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