Pitstop launches ‘Pitstop Revive’: A contactless service for car repairs & maintenance

Bengaluru, April 29, 2020: Due to COVID-19 lockdown, our lives have come pretty much to a standstill. Stuck at home, the cars are stationary for over a month, something that negatively affects the vehicle. These problems become worse the longer a vehicle sits idle. The battery dies out, tires develop flat spots, the metal parts get corroded, the rubber parts begin deteriorating and eventually, the engine fluid starts to break down. All of these can be avoided if the car is driven for 10 km every week, but that is not possible due to the ongoing pandemic. Due to the unavoidable nature of the situation, people will need to get their vehicles checked before taking it out on the roads so that they do not get stuck somewhere due to a faulty brake line or a dead battery. To tackle this dilemma for vehicle owners, Pitstop, India’s first independent doorstep car service, and repairs provider, today announced the launch of ‘Pitstop Revive’ – a contactless, comprehensive 6-point inspection and action to revive your car and help you move post-lockdown.

“Vehicles have been left unused for long durations and it's pretty bad for the vehicle's health. People would need to get their vehicles checked before taking it out on the roads so that they do not get stuck with a busted engine or rusted brake calipers. We, at Pitstop, are introducing Pitstop Revive with Zero Contact Service for solving all car problems of vehicle owners without the risk of being infected”, said Mihir Mohan, CEO & Founder, Pitstop.

Pitstop's Revive Package includes checking & servicing a car’s key functional areas like the battery, tires, brakes, fluids and minor leakages. It also covers hygiene factors such as interior germ-free sanitisation and cleaning of the cabin and upholstery with an anti-microbial shield, disinfecting the AC unit, and finally an exterior eco wash. Revive will be available in Bangalore from today and subsequently in other cities based on Govt. directives. Users can place the booking request at 6262621234 or log on to www.getpitstop.com. The car servicing packages start from INR 1199. Car owners can also opt to get specific disinfection and interior sanitisation services starting at INR 699. All the services will be contactless and available at your doorstep.

“Every vehicle will be thoroughly cleaned and sanitised after the service, including the tools and equipment used during the process to ensure it is COVID free,” added Mihir.

Pitstop will be following certain safety measures to eliminate any chances of the spread of COVID-19. The customers can schedule an appointment as per their convenience and the doorstep team will visit them. The vehicle keys will be placed on a sanitised tray to be collected safely at the doorstep by the team, who will service the car at location or in a completely disinfected and sanitised partner garage. The car and the keys will be sanitised and returned to the owner on the sanitised tray after the service/repairs are done. Customers can pay through contactless digital payment options for all the services and do not have to leave the safety of their homes. Pitstop staff are equipped with masks, gloves, hand sanitisers and their body temperatures are checked before every service. All of these measures are taken to ensure a germ-free service that is safe and reliable.

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