PizzaExpress India Puts Customers first with SMS from OpenMarket

India – December 12, 2017 – OpenMarket, a global leader in mobile messaging, is adding PizzaExpress India to its portfolio of enterprise customers. To coincide with the launch of its home delivery service, the popular Italian restaurant chain introduced SMS to improve delivery operations and better interact with customers.

The new solution highlights PizzaExpress India’s commitmentto delivering a great experience for its customers across the country.Customers who place an order over the phone will receive an SMS confirmationdirectly to their mobile phone. Those that opt-in will then receive an updateonce the order has been dispatched. 

A recent survey from OpenMarket shows that SMS is thenumber one preferred channel by millennials for notifications from businesses#m_-1937315227547418546__ftn1" title="">[1]. Research from theMobile Marketing Association (MMA) also suggests that over half of all urbanmobile phone owners in India use a feature phone rather than a smartphone1.This makes SMS a great option for businesses like PizzaExpress who need a quickand cost-effective way to directly engage with their customers - withoutrelying on expensive apps. 

Apoorv Johari, OpenMarket’s Sales Director for Asiasaid, “The most customer-obsessed brands are already using SMS as part of theirstandard alert practice. It helps them deliver great customer experiences withempathy, which is crucial for success. We are working with PizzaExpress Indiato do exactly that. Mobile messaging lets PizzaExpress communicate withcustomers the way they want and at exactly the time they need it.” 

PizzaExpress chose OpenMarket based on its mobilemessaging market strength and the range of custom messaging solutions itprovides. The company’s previous success with Club Mahindra and Ginger Hotelsdemonstrated OpenMarket as a powerhouse of enhancing business-to-consumerrelationships.  

Gunjan Singh, Head of Marketing for PizzaExpress Indiasaid, “The solution that OpenMarket brings to India is the perfect fit for ourcustomer base and helps to streamline our delivery operations. We understandthat creating an effective solution for delivery notifications is best donethrough a timely and ubiquitous mobile messaging platform. With SMS, we caneasily keep our customers in the loop, at exactly the right moment.” 

PizzaExpress plans to expand the service to includeupdates on delivery delays, further refining the customised messages. Byproviding an instant, reliable and convenient platform for mobile messaging,OpenMarket helps PizzaExpress to meet and exceed customer expectations.

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