Hyderabad, September 4th 2017. Physical Literacy days celebrated Onam Festival in its 32nd week.

Hyderabad,September 4th  2017.  Physical Literacy dayscelebrated Onam Festival in its 32nd week.

Manyvisitors came dressed in Kerala’s tradition saree white or off-white sareewith a golden border or a churidar of that color. Men wore the traditionaldhoti. 

Onam isa traditional harvest festival.

The daybegan with warm up by Rahul Saha followed by Dr.Mani Pavitra's yoga session,many participants have witnessed different dance form right from Malayali folkfitness by Ganesh Kumar followed by Hema the creator of this workout superamazing dance form called BELEDI which is a simplified fitness format of belly danceand fusion of Indian dance style exclusively designed for women onphysical literacy days stage, on the occasion of Onam Festival. 

PL days isturning out to be the platform to showcase and promote young talents such asKshitij Dembla aged 14, son of Kiran Dembla celebrity fitness instructor wowedthe crowd with his amazing talent of Rubic cube puzzle solving it in12seconds. 

Raniammaaged 64, who rocked with her dance moves on Malayali folk tracks along with BRCgated community from Lanco hills were highlight of this week

Otheractivities include Boxing, kids games and street games.

PL days teamhas announced that next week they will be celebrating World Smile Day.

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