PR Consulting Firm Media Mantra Leaps Ahead with Appointment of Charou Rathore

Delhi, (April 17th 2017): Media Mantra, the country’s rapidly growing ‘Independent Image Management and PR Consulting Firm’ enters a new phase of growth with the appointment of Ms. Charou Rathore as the ‘Branch Head’ for its' new office inBengaluru.

This is a significant appointment that reflects the ambitious plans of Media Mantra, having its nodal office at Gurugram, to usher the next phase of growth as part of its 5th anniversary celebration with Ms. Rathore in the lead for optimising the company’s strategic vision. The Co- Founder Director of Media Mantra, Mr Udit Pathak was elated to opine: “We are extremely pleased to have attracted such a strategic thinker, high-calibre visionary PR professional to head our new branch in Bengaluru. Her foresight and farsightedness are bound to fetch the desired objectives.” Ms Rathore’s impressive breadth of experience with technology firms of international repute, companies engaged in assorted products and services apart from Start-ups and a wide range of corporates in non-technology verticals will help the company to expand its operations with existing clients as well as tapping new prospects in entire south India. 


Building future PR leaders with a global perspective on 'Integrated Communications and PR Industry', Charou will provide a unique and novel medium to reinforce the founding vision of Media Mantra that has been the hallmark of its mission and also diverse portfolio.

“Ever since inception Media Mantra, have constantly nurtured our objectives in tune with the trends and evident now is a corollary to this development that has further enhanced the quality of leadership in Media Mantra. With Charou’s appointment in Bengaluru, our team can only be as strong as the leadership foundation we have built. We are passionate about identifying young leaders of professional integrity with a clear vision. Charou’s appointment will stimulate the PR prowess in south India with an assured consistency in the convergence of ethics and values to enable result-oriented actions. We are confident she will steer the future course for the enterprise and open up new venues and avenues to meet the challenges in strategic decisions,” adds Ms Pooja Pathak, Co-founder and Director, Media Mantra.

Ms.Rathore’s appointment ensures Media Mantra’s commitmentto their clientele from the corporate segment as well as the ambit of PRindustry in meeting their present and future needs. With her rich experience,she will lend a fillip to the company by conceptualising innovative and uniquesolutions. Thus, working on traditional, social and digital mandates, she willenable the clients from the corporate arena to enhance their brand identitythat would cover consumer, technology and telecom, sports and financial, healthand wellness, HR and even political aspects.

Commentingon her new role, Charou says, “I am very excited about the new leadership rolewith a scope to excel and grow. Bengaluru office of Media Mantra willfocus on new business development and the expansion like executing a long-termplan to increase our brand presence, particularly in south India, teambuilding; developing innovative products; solutions to drive brand campaignsthat go beyond traditional PR and driving client satisfaction at all times, andcontinue to move the business forward. I will leverage my diverse experienceacross target verticals to help Media Mantra’s clients’accelerate their journey to the ever growing world of branding throughpro-active PR exercise.”

Ms Rathorebrings in wealth of experience and antecedents over decade and half as a PRpractitioner, in corporate communication and media management.

Charouconstantly observes the external world and evolves a communication strategy toengage with the changing world. She has been a charming television host forDoordarshan, Lucknow Kendra besides being a popular RJ for the first FM radiolaunched in Lucknow and an Emcee for variety of stage shows of both culturaland academic genre in Lucknow in addition to being a writer on various issues,spanning over a decade.

Charourepresents a legacy of hard-work, through her professional integrity,proficiency and diligence which have enabled her to spot the mastery inproblems pertaining to solving with strategic thinking.  She has beendriving the brand campaigns as an expert communication-cum-PR Strategisttackling tricky situations, even in odd situations, courtesy her assignments asa trainer in risk crisis management with ample doses of innovative creativitythat has duly earned her to command respect with the diverse media in India.

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