Pramati is among India’s Top 50 great places to work

Chennai, November 30: Pramati Technologies has been ranked among India’s Top 50 Workplaces in IT & IT-BPM segment by Great Place To Work (GPTW). The findings are of a 2018 survey conducted by GPTW India, considered as the gold standard for defining great workplaces across business, academia and government.

This survey evaluated 164 companies for trust, performance, and workplace environment. Pramati has won the GPTW award for two years in a row.

“Over two decades, freedom, risk-taking, and sense of collective achievement has fueled the unique culture of innovation that one finds at Pramati. We set out to create a place where everyone takes pride in their work. Pride in our people is what makes us great!” said Jay Pullur, CEO and Founder.

From building industry’s first certified open standard middleware platform to leading platforms for automation, cloud, API and bots, Pramati’s history has always been intertwined with innovation. Pramati turned 20 in 2018, and the GPTW award reinforces its commitment to aiming higher and reach newer heights on shoulders of its people.

Pramati Technologies has a number of initiatives that engages its employees on the technology learning and research front, to inspire them to give their best to the organization. One example is Infinity, the annual thematic innovation festival where employees hold demos, poster sessions, talks, and meetups. Topics range from cognitive and design thinking to AI and machine learning applications in emerging areas like RPA and low code. All engineers are encouraged to pursue open source initiatives or start their own, and build their community profiles.

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