Presence of mind helped her survive 21 fractures

Bangalore: It was just another day with long hours of travelling for 39- year-old Dr Onkita Adhikary, when she boarded a bus Belegavi to Bangalore. However, her journey didn’t end all well. On September 16th, the NWKRTC luxury bus in which Dr Onkita was travelling met with an accident on the outskirts of Haveri at 1:00 am. The bus had crashed into a sugarcane-laden lorry. The impact of the collision was so much that several passengers got injured.

Dueto the intense collision, Dr Onkita was left unconscious, and when she woke uparound 1:15 am there was chaos all around her. 

Havingmet with an accident in a bus full of strangers, in a different land, can behorrific. However, Dr Onkita’s skill in local Kannada came to her aid. “I triedto move my legs and arms and I realized I had multiple fractures. Luckily,I remembered a little bit of Kannada and started asking for help in the locallanguage,” said Dr Onkita recollecting the incidents from the night.

 “Iasked a co passenger to dial my phone number and to my luck my phone startedringing. I quickly called my husband and first thing I asked him was to findout and tell me any hospital that would have an orthopaedic surgeon,” sheadded. 

DrOnkita along with an old man were taken to Haveri District Hospital. By then,Dr Onkita’s husband had found a hospital near to where she was and since sheknew the district hospital would not have the required facilities to treat herinjuries, she spoke to ambulance driver and asked him to take her to the otherhospital. 

TheHospital was around 76 kms from the site of the accident and she reached thereby 4 am. Her husband, a scientist in ISRO arrived by that time and shifted herto Columbia Asia Referral Hospital, Yeshwanthpur by 1:30 pm. 

“WhenDr Onkita came to us, she had 21 fractures on both her lowerlimbs and right upper limb with blunt injuries on her chest and abdominal area.Moreover, she came to the hospital over 12 hours after the incident and thegolden hour was long past. However, she was lucky that there were no disastrouscomplications due to the shift from one hospital to the other,” saidDr, Shankar R Kurpad, Consultant Orthopaedic Surgery, Columbia Asia ReferralHospital, Yeshwanthpur. 

DrOnkita had to make at least 5 visits to the Operation Theater due to hermultiple fractures. She was also on physiotherapy from the day she arrivedin the hospital. This was necessary initially for the chest then forearms andknees. It’s been 33 days since she’s been hospitalized but is now doing muchbetter. Dr Onkita’s presence of mind and her determination to survive suchan incident is truly an inspiration to all. 


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