Project Management Conference to discuss strategies to sustain and grow in the New World Order

Bangalore, July 21, 2017: Technology disruption is the new normal. New competitors with innovative ideas have always disrupted old industries. However, the earlier disruption used to require years and enormous capital. Now it can be quick and cheap. Keeping this in mind, PMI Bangalore India Chapter has organized its twelfth Project Management Practitioners’ Conference (PMPC) in Bengaluru on the theme, "Architecting Project Management: For A New World Order.” India’s largest chapter of Project Management Institute (PMI), the world's leading not-for-profit professional membership association for the project management profession, has organized this three-day conference to be held between 20-22 July. The event will be held at NIMHANS Convention Center, Bengaluru and to be inaugurated by chief guest, Mr. Ashok Soota, Executive Chairman, Happiest Minds.

Theobjective of the conference is to bring thought leaders, industry experts, andprofessionals to discuss strategies to transform organizations, jointlyvisualize future technologies along with leadership alignment, required tosustain and grow in this New World Order. The conference will haveparticipants from the various industries ranging from technology,manufacturing, start-ups, legal and academics discussing and debating ondiverse subjects. The topics to be discussed include changing paradigm incustomer engagement in the New World Order, how artificial is now officiallyreal, smart technology to build smart India and many such interesting themes. 

Theconference will showcase renowned speakers from various industries and domainssharing their insights and experiences on the dramatic set of changes and howproject management can help get the best out of projects. Some of the keynotespeakers of the conference include Prof. Raghuram G, Director IIM- Bangalore;Ajay Anand, Global Head-Digital Marketing, Infosys; Prof. Pinkesh Shah,Co-founder, Institute of Product Leadership; Peter De Jager, InternationalChange Management and several other luminaries. 

Commentingon the objectives of the PMPC 2017, President of PMI Bangalore IndiaChapter, Mr. Basu Dutta, said “Over the past few years, one noticed subtlechanges in the dynamics that govern various aspects of our environment, andthey are increasingly gathering pace driven by the impact of geo-politicalreality, overbearing influence of technology, demanding business dynamics andchanging demography, compelling a significant realignment in the way everystakeholder in the system conducts themselves.  

Thiswarrants a greater responsiveness and ingenuity on business leaders and projectprofessionals to stay relevant to the challenge of time and continue to delivervalue, guard market share, and outsmart competition by unifying strategy,technical project management, and leadership. 

It’s in thiscontext, we thought it most appropriate to keep the focus of this year’sconference as "Architecting Project Management: For A New World Order”, tomaintain the topical relevance of the conference theme.’’ 

Mr. RajKalady – Managing Director, Project Management Institute, India said, “The world is getting moreconnected, and thus more intricate. It is important to change old thinking,models and processes for decision-making to handle the massive increase inshorter term unpredictability - while still keeping our eyes on the longerterm. It is important to think strategically about the transformational role oftechnology. Hence, there is no better time than now to have a conference on thetopic of “Architecting Project Management: For A New World Order” 

Someimportant key points discussed during the conference:

·Strategiesto transform organizations

·Visionof future technologies 

·Leadershipchallenges in the new world order

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