Promoting business model innovations in agriculture in India to support the farm income

22 May 2018, Mumbai: India, traditionally being an agrarian country, has a 17 percent contribution to the national GDP coming from agriculture, and 60 percent of rural households depend on agriculture and the allied sector for their livelihood. The Agriculture sector in India is lagging in productivity as compared to many developed countries even after having the second largest arable land (160 million hectares) in the world. Climate change and biodiversity imbalance are a few issues further affecting productivity.

To foster thegrowth in Indian agriculture and align it with the national mission of theGovernment of India in “doubling the farmer’s income”, Subhash ChandraFoundation is committed to bring in the best practices and state of the arttechnologies in the agriculture sector. In a series of steps that are beingtaken in this direction by the foundation include building think tank forums‘Krishi Kranti’, strategic engagements with research institutes anduniversities within India and globally. 

The SubhashChandra Foundation has inked a partnership with the Wageningen University and Research(WUR), Netherlands to facilitate the transformation of Indianagriculture and allied sectors to achieve sustainable agriculture developmentwhich is aligned with the national Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). 

Member ofParliament, Rajya Sabha and Chairman, ZEE & Essel Group, Shri SubhashChandra said, “We hear the youth getting into Engineering, Marketing,Management, but we don’t hear them getting in to Agriculture, the sector whereIndia has been a major exporter. The partnership with Wageningen Universitywill accelerate agriculture sector growth, make the sector more lucrative forthe youth & the coming generations to be gainfully employed in it.” 

Theobjective of the partnership with Wageningen University and Research (WUR),Netherlands is to create sustainable impact on the agri-business and developmodels which are replicable with geographical adjustments. The models which arelikely to emerge out of this partnership will be widely circulated anddemonstrated for rapid adoption and multiplication.

 Underthe leadership of Shri Subhash Chandra, the Foundation is establishing a newface of philanthropy to achieve sustainable agricultural development and act asa change maker in rural transformation.

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