to be FIELD Global Partner for Harvard Business School

National, May 17, 2018:, owned by Elara Technologies Pte Ltd, which also owns and, recently had the opportunity to host a team of students from Harvard Business School in Delhi NCR for one week as part of a required first-year course at Harvard Business School called the FIELD Global Immersion. was one of 157 FIELD Global Partners spanning 13 countries around the world. Together these Global Partners combined to host more than 930 Harvard Business School students in all.

“We arepleased to be working with Harvard Business School to provide students with areal-world learning experience in India.” said Dhruv Agarwala, GroupCEO,, and  “We feel certain thatthe students were able to gather insights here that they would never be able toglean from a classroom discussion alone.” 

The FIELDGlobal Immersion is a course designed to strengthen and develop students’global intelligence – their ability to manage and operate effectively acrosscultures and business contexts. executives had been working withthe team remotely in the months leading up to their arrival in country. Whilehere, the students pitched their ideas to the leadership team, conducted fieldresearch with consumers around Delhi NCR and presented their finalrecommendations to management. The purpose of this immersive experience is toprovide students with the opportunity to do real fieldwork in an unfamiliarcontext. 

Harvard isquick to acknowledge that this important learning experience would not bepossible without the Global Partners. 

“We areextremely grateful to and all the FIELD Global Partnerorganizations for all they do on behalf of our students,” said Professor JuanAlcacer, the faculty head of FIELD. “The students benefit immeasurably fromthis experience and we hope the partner organizations do as well.” 

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