Proud to be the first woman entrepreneur in my family– Sridevi Balachandran, Kochi

Kochi, March 08, 2017: Standing tall as a shining example of women taking the lead all by themselves is Sridevi Balachandran from Maradu Kochi, who is the first women entrepreneur in her entire family.

Nevergiving up on her aspirations even though she knew she was walking on a paththat no one in her family had taken before did not deter her from pursuing herdreams. 

“Searchingoften brings us to great destinations,” says Sridevi, while sharing about herexperience with EuroKids. 

SrideviBalachandran_Kochi Sridevi had the vision to transform childhood educationthrough quality learning. She aspired to be an entrepreneur in the educationsector by providing the best quality education available to young minds. 

Hersearch for a good preschool for her daughter and her quest for entrepreneurshipbrought her to EuroKids. Today she is a thriving franchise partner at EuroKidsMaradu, Kochi. 

“Iwas impressed with the outlook based on a global vision and innovativecurriculum at EuroKids, which helped me take this plunge in starting a centreof my own,” says Sridevi. 

Speakingof her entrepreneurial journey, Sridevi added, “I am the first womanentrepreneur in my family. Being an entrepreneur means a lot to me, and I’vebeen dreaming about it as long as I can remember. It means I can depend onmyself and survive on my own.” 

Shesays her passion and dedication towards what she does and the willingness toaccept and learn from mistakes have helped her reach where she is today. 

Herphilosophy towards life, her people management skills and her belief inteamwork has made EuroKids Maradu in Kochi the most sought after Pre-school forchildren to explore and learn. 

EuroKidsnetwork of pre-schools has enabled more than 900 entrepreneurs to build a longterm successful business, 80 per cent of who are women.

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