PTC to Exhibit at IoT Solutions World Congress 2017

NEEDHAM, Mass. – September 15, 2017 –– PTC (NASDAQ: PTC) today announced it will demonstrate how IoT is enabling new business models and creating value across the industry at IoT Solutions World Congress (IOTSWC) on Oct. 3-5 in Barcelona. PTC will be located in booth C300 / TB2.

At IOTSWC,PTC will showcase its ThingWorx® IndustrialIoT Platform, which provides a broad and robust set of integratedIoT-specific development tools for developing innovative IoT solutions for avariety of industry applications. ThingWorx includes rapid applicationdevelopment functionality, connectivity, advanced analytics, machine learning,and augmented reality, and integrates with leading device clouds. Thesecapabilities enable businesses to securely connect assets and create innovativeapplications and services, supporting digital transformation initiatives acrossindustries. 

Demonstrationsusing Bosch Rexroth’s innovative CytroPac, a hydraulic system used to powerindustrial machines, will take attendees through the stages of productdevelopment, from the engineering phase through marketing and sales. In thesedemos, experts will show how ThingWorx solutions can be used for smart,connected product design, rapid IoT application development, smart connectedoperations, and augmented reality (AR) application developmentWithMicrosoft HoloLens, attendees will be able to view the CytroPac as both aphysical and digital product. 

PTC willalso be featured in the dedicated Testbed Area, which includes only 11 Testbeds selected by ajury as the most impactful solutions designed to show real Industrial IoT inaction, in a visual, dynamic and tangible way. The PTC testbed area willshowcase the Flowserve pump demo, a predictive maintenance solution thatcombines software from PTC and ThingWorx partners, HPE and NationalInstruments. Leveraging IoT analytics and machine learning, the Flowserve pumpdemo shows how manufacturers can predict when an asset is going to fail and cantake preventative measures to avoid downtime. 

Howard Heppelmann, divisional vice president and generalmanager of Connected Operations Solutions at PTC, will participate in the Dynamic Digital Supply Network panel discussionon Wednesday, Oct. 4, at 11:30 a.m. along with executives fromCaterpillar and ABB. The panelists will discuss how advances in computingmemory, processing, and disruptive technologies create the foundation foranalytics and a conversion between the physical and digital worlds. 

Attendeeswill also be able to experience the power of ThingWorx by visiting a number ofThingWorx partners throughout the IOTSWC show floor. Each ThingWorx partnerwill be demonstrating its unique ThingWorx-based solutions, apps, integrations,and consulting expertise.

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