PUMA launches largest street movement to celebrate Indian street culture

November 8th, 2017: Global sportswear brand PUMA, launched a music video today, pioneering the largest movement in street culture in the country. Titled ‘Suede Gully’, this is the first time a global brand has launched a multi-lingual music video in India, giving this channel for consumer engagement a fresh spin. The video is a large-scale collaboration between a new breed of artists, musicians and dancers, whose work is inspired from the stories ingrained in the streets of India. In another first for a global consumer brand, this music video is colored in local flavors, features multiple Indian languages and celebrates the culture germinating from Indian streets.

Over the last few years, Indian youth have taken to adopting modern forms of self-expression and this has led to the rise of artists who are underdogs, revolutionary and have defied the usual norms. They communicate their stories through various art forms. Suede Gully is the expression of these real and raw stories, from artists across the country and brings together the diverse, the real, the talented - the artist who hustles. This collaboration gives a single, creative stage for self-expression to these artists, who come from “gullies” across the country. Featuring 8 rappers, 36 dancers, 7 artists and countless creators, Suede Gully is the largest street collaboration that brings out the true essence of the streets of India in its most musical, colorful and rebellious manner.


Brought together in celebration of 50 years of the iconic Suede sneaker, PUMA has pioneered this collaboration in street culture, capturing the essence of India’s gullies in the most authentic manner. Suede Gully also gives the PUMA Suede, which has been a cultural street and hip-hop symbol worn by legends over the decades, a fresh and local perspective.

Shot in gullies across all regions of India, the video featuresleading street artists Divine, Mukti Mohan and Shilo Shiv Suleiman. The musicvideo has been directed by Sasha Rainbow and the music has been composed bySneha Khanwalkar. With lyrics in four different Indian languages, it adds tothe local flavor and serves as a medium to popularize Indian street culture.This video is a celebration of street art in the purest form, bringing out thepassion, the determination, the resourcefulness and grit of each artist.


“Indian streets are bustling with street style and culture, andwhile the ecosystem is in its nascent stages, it is only going to grow fromhere. Conceptualized to amplify this culture, The Suede Gully is an authenticmusic video that connects with the audience with its super cool street swagger.Suede Gully is something new and unique, serving as a single platform forself-expression to a number of independent, determined artists who live theirpassion and hustle to achieve their goals. Over 50 years, the Suede has beenworn by athletes and hip-hop legends alike, and now, with Suede Gully, we’retaking forward the legacy of Suede as the symbol of hip-hop street culture inIndia. ” says Abhishek Ganguly, MD, PUMA India.

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