Pursuite.com expands category portfolio, launches Furniture, Fixture and Equipment catalogue

Chennai, January 17, 2018: In a move to further expand its product categories, Pursuite.com, India’s first B2B e-Commerce platform for hospitality procurements, today announced its entry into Furniture, Fixture and Equipment (FF&E) segment. With over 50 brands and more than 5000 products from across the globe, Pursuite will now offer products across categories such as Bathroom Fixtures, Fittings, Doors & Windows, Finishes & Coverings, Furniture, Hardware, Lighting, Furnishing & Carpets and Artworks & Signages.

Theselection and product discovery of FF&E category will be simplified andoptimized through smart technology that matches customer preferences with brandofferings and progressively fine-tunes this matching based on past productselections. This technology has already been deployed and tested in OperatingSupplies & Equipment (OS&E) category and has been well received byexisting customers and participants of ecosystem. 

On thelaunch of the new category, Amit Shukla, CEO, Pursuite.com said, ‘We arethrilled to announce the launch of a new product category as one of thesmartest additions to our suite of products and services. With our strategicand innovative solutions, we aim to enhance the brand connect and deliver thebest value to our customers.Pursuite considers it crucial to enable its valuedcustomers to get the best deals across the widest range of FF&E products.We already offer the widest range of choicest items in OS&E vertical. Withthis new category launch, Pursuite has reiterated its commitment to deliverbest value to its customers.’ 

Some of theinternational market leaders who have partnered with Pursuite.com for FF&Eproduct supply are Roca, Parryware, Sio, Euronics, FCML, Vitofloor, Barlinek,Egger, Interex, Floorwalk, Wipro, Trend N Design, Stanley, Loomcraft, Renesola,Greyellow, The One Lighting, Nova and Havells. 

According toa study by Assocham and Deloitte, the e-commerce market in the country isexpected to cross $50 billion in value by the end of 2018 from the currentlevel of $38.5 billion, on the back of a growing internet population andincreased online shopping. 

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