Putting Back Trust in Online Matchmaking

Bengaluru Jan 2019 : Seeking for a partner can be a cumbersome process when one is in their 30’s and beyond. This so because socialising is at its peak in one’s 20’s. The same socialising reduces significantly when one enters their 30’s — this is because friends with young families may not be available as they were while they were single. It is at this time socialising is reduced to the familiar and small circles which can be a limiting factor to meet someone new. This is when Internet plays a major role being a cupid.

Though the Internet is a boon to connect and build relationships but if abused can be highly emotionally draining. It is said that 30–40% of the profiles in existing online matchmaking sites are fake which makes it big hindrance to trust for those seeking to meet someone. Relationship as we know is a deep emotion, and is not about swiping right or left.

Relationships have also evolved over the years with urban Indians making relationship choices from traditional ways to relationships which are hybrid — mixture of tradition and contemporary. The Indians in their 30’s and beyond seeking for relationship have a global outlook and well-traveled than their contemporaries. This also makes them sensitive and confident and aware of what they seek from their relationship which in an online interaction happens once an emotional connect is built. In cases of miss-match on relationship expectation leads to heartburn and makes the individual skeptical about relationships.

The urban Indians, singles in the 30 years and above age group seeking for a companion are more in control of their profession, emotions and therefore are clear of what they are seeking in a partner beyond physical appearance and should opt for matchmaking platforms which allows them to interact with real people sharing relationship expectations upfront.

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